ZyXEL P-660RT-1 VS Shiro 805EU

Hi Everyone !

i am new in this community, so please help me to choose best DSL hardware.

PTCL Tech guys who will install DSL at my home, given me two choices, one is ZyXEL P-660RT-1 and other is Shiro 805EU.

Shiro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aztech Systems Limited !

Shiro DSL805EU uses Texas Instrument TNETD7300EZDW (TI7200) Single Chip Network Processor.


ZyXEL P-660RT-1 uses TrendChip


i know both are chinese crap but need to know which is fastest one and can provide 100% uptime .. i do lots of streaming, p2p, online-gamming etc .

need good, reliable piece of hardware and stable connection, please help me to choose the best.

OR should i buy my own ADSL 2+ router

Thanks In Advance..



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Go for shiro....looks pretty :P

I used ptcl dsl a while back,they gave me the huawei modem which was pretty good (had 4 ethernet ports)

Have now re-applied for ptcl dsl ,lets see which modem they give me now

Go for the one with TI chip.

According To PTCL Shiro has lot of sync issues !! i am 4.0KM from exchange ... guys tell me how is your experience with Shiro or ZyXEL.

Shrio works fine for me.I never had sync issue with Shrio.I am using it for like 2 weeks straight now without any disconnection (My modem and router is pluggd with ups)

well i am using the exact same zyxel one but with multinet and it is amazing... it is also pretty expensive i think 5k plus... better than shiro... and when you say that both are chinese crap then i gotta tell you that every thing good or bad being made in this world is from china... from nike to intel, everything is made in china... you can say they are crappy chinese if they are chinese companies... and also to tell you that it is our trader that bring the cheapest worst stuff from china cuz high quality stuff is also being made there

I've never used Shiro but Maxcom gave me a ZyXEL P-660R-T1 (the same one you have an option for) and its working great. The only problems I've noticed are that it heats up -- not too much though, but I don't know if this is normal or not -- and that its insides are visible through the top and sides plastic 'netting' thingy: open invitation for dust, so keep it sheltered.

I use Zyxel P-660R-T1.

I've had no problems with it, none. Occassionally, once in several weeks, it might not connect properly but nothing a cold restart (turning it off and on) doesn't fix.

i got my connection today, they gave me ZyXEL modem .. & so far its working fine ... Thanks guys for the help !!!

I have always had an Alcatel modem from MaxCom, I guess they don't give them out any more, no complaints here. I guess if you had a choice, Alcatel would be better than Shiro & ZyXel

The problem with shiro is that its adapter requires constant voltage of 220-240V otherwise the DSL light starts blinking again and again (Sync issue). In karachi, voltage is usually low that brings up some issue with it.

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The problem with shiro is that its adapter requires constant voltage of 220-240V otherwise the DSL light starts blinking again and again (Sync issue). In karachi, voltage is usually low that brings up some issue with it.

Same situation is in Rawalpindi. Light fluctuation is too much in hot summers and sometimes due to heavy fluctuation my computer restarts ;( … According to ptcl employe, Shiro modem do not work at long distance … thats why i have choose ZyXEL from the choice they have given to me !!!

which type of adapter you have? These days they are giving v2 adapter with shiro… do you have large bigone ?

have you tried plugging up adapter in stablizer?, if it doesn’t fix, then you should buy new adapter that can work in low voltage, or if you have enough money buy UPS thats the best way to kill your problem !!

hey did you have to sign a 1 year contract to get that modem?

With PTCL you have two options to obtain the modem for your own.

When you subscribe to their DSL service, the minimum contract duration is 1 month and the modem and installation are provided without extra charge.

If you decide to terminate your contract with PTCL after the minimum term, there are two contingencies with respect to the modem.

1. If you have been with PTCL for less than a year, you can either (i) purchase the modem for 3000/rs and keep it; or (ii) you can return the modem to PTCL.

2. If you have been with PTCL for over a year, you can keep the modem free of cost at no further charge.

hey i had installed ptcl dsl 5 months ago and they give me ZTE ZXDSl 831 series is it good or they cheat me