ZXDSL 831CII reverts back to default settings

Hello all,

Last week I got my DSL Modem replaced. The new device is ZXDSL 831CII. The problem is that the device is unable to store any modifications that I make to the LAN/WAN/NAT or any other settings. Within a minute, the device gets the original settings back.

If anyone has faced the same problem or someone knows how to fix this please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

i have the same modem and it saves the settings for me, sometimes it resets the NAT settings but thats about it, other information stays when i save it

Yes, that is supposed to be the default behavior of the device. But somehow mine is unable to save any modifications. The problem is that every time the modem is turned off, mostly thanks to KESC, it reverts back to 1MB. If I change the WAN settings and use my user ID and password, then it gets 2MB D/L until next time it turns off. Plus, i cant save NAT, DHCP, or any other settings. Seems like my device is suffering from Short Term Memory Loss. I have even tried 'Restore Factory Settings', but to no avail.

Can anyone shed some light on it? if a firmware upgrade or anything can fix this problem? or do i have to get it replaced from exchange?

try and get it replaced