ZTE ZXDSL CII port forwarding help required


ZTE ZXDSL CII port forwarding failed.

>>GOAL (With public IP)

1- I want to make my PC as websever.

2- I want to access Oracle developed page through port 8889

>>Router ZTE zxdsl cii


1- NAT configured at port 80 (webserver) and port 8889 (Oracle) with local IP

2- Public IP is Dynamic (Not Static)

3- Domain make at no-ip.com (Ping to domain name replying with good sound)

4- I consult PTCL customer representative ( but all in vain)


1- Browsing with domain name or Public IP results in opened routers setting( i think there is port forwarding failed)

2 - Browsing with public IP and port ( ) it returns server could not be found(Actual Task).

NOTE: Both working properly with local IP that is

Suggestion for missing or wrong action will be appreciated