Zong soon start 3g service

Hey friends

in few months zong starting its new service 3g.

Fatest internet service.


from where u got this info?

Yea there were news about 3G licenses to be issued by PTA, but network up-gradation may take some time...

u mean pta give licences. any other company got it or just zong,

news conformed by any news paper or pta site?

Why not all mobile companies provide us actual gprs or edge service. I mean upto the maximum speed than who need 3G on mobile.

Your source is Snopy, the spammer who comes once and runs away.


Mods, close this thread. And ban Snopy. Eish!

no info on pta.........

its false info

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no info on pta…

its false info


yes i thnk this news is only false

Snopy has been permanently banned for spamming. And I'm closing this thread since he provided no credible source for this information.