Zong SIM Card


Lately I have bought Zong Connection Im using Nokia 6600, When i insert Zong SIM sometime working good and sometime error "Insert SIM". Other all network working good in my Nokia 6600.

Is it compact able or NO? What can i do now?


If you take care of the earth, the earth will take care of you.

just push little bit your sim card back to front side where is metal or clean it ..

Check condiiton of ur Sim. If it worn out/ Damaged then get it repalced

Or pull it out of your phone and reinsert it.

Thank u Brothers I have new SIM Card but i think problem not with my SIM Card bcoz its working good in other handsets and other SIM Cards also working good in my Nokia 6600.

So..Is your new sim card working with your 6600(great cellphone by the way).