Zong GPRS..DL speed

how do i connect zong GPRS on my laptop ...i know through USB...but how would i be able to use it?...also tell me...what DL speed you get on zong GPRS?

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how do i connect zong GPRS on my laptop …i know through USB…but how would i be able to use it?..also tell me…what DL speed you get on zong GPRS?

If you want to use it on your computer then, first you need to connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable that came with your mobile phone. Then, you need to install the mobile phone modem driver/sfotware using the CD that came with your mobile phone. If you don’t have the CD then you can download the software from the mobile website (if available). After installing the drivers/software you just need to create a dialup connection like you do for nomral ISPs. Use number +99# click dial and there you go… . Make sure you have GPRS/EDGE activated before you try connecting with computer.

Your mobile should be GPRS/EDGE enabled. Zong GPRS/EDGE should also be enabled on your phone.

thanks....but what DL speed i will get using zong GPRS/EDGE?

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thanks…but what DL speed i will get using zong GPRS/EDGE?

It depends on what class of GPRS/EDGE is supported in your mobile phone. The better the class the better will be the speed. You will get better speed with EDGE. I get 236 Kbps.

on zong edge u can get 200+kbps

downloading speed

200kb/sec......are you serious????

he means 200/8 KB/s which is 25 KB/s also u will only get this speed if you hv an edge enabled mobile phone and are in an area where EDGE is available

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200kb/sec…are you serious???

I get around 200kb/s…But not on edge…PTCL DSL…

^200kb/s or 200KB/s coz 200kb/s is very low...?????

last night i used zong 1 hr package but it gave me speed of 4-5 kB Both on PC And my hand set Nokia 3250.i think on RS. 400 package will also have the same speed.

i am using zong unlimited.

sometimes its speed is gud.

but not gud enough.

only 2,3,4 kbps.

and sometimes very low.

how much the coverage of its edge is?

Do it stream youtube videos withou hiccups?

Dont believe zong. Its **** up service. Dl speed at its max 5kbps. I hav used unlimitd package. Dont go for it

It cannot stream youtube.

You will have to wait for an hour for loading a 5mb movie.

my hand set is edge enabled and now its giving a dowloading speed of 14KB MAX and its 2 a.m remember.so the final word is ZONG has failed.

Zong's got a ****ing speed

but its the only network providing a internet package for prepaid customers

speed sucks...unsurprisingly,zong is offering third class speed...two thumbs down.

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It cannot stream youtube.

You will have to wait for an hour for loading a 5mb movie.


ZoNG can easily stream YouTube videos on EDGE network. See this screenshot of YouTube streaming video using ZoNG EDGE connection:


Wireless connections are very much dependent on your area location.

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speed sucks…unsurprisingly,zong is offering third class speed…two thumbs down.

Brother, speed of wireless connections can vary area by area. I am getting these average speeds using ZoNG EDGE on PC through usb modem of EDGE class 10 mobile:

Download speed: 20–25 kilobytes/sec

Upload speed: 6–8 kilobytes/sec

I have uploaded 2 screenshots about ZoNG EDGE speed in this page:


Please read my posts!

initially when i used zong it gave me 4 to 5 kB download. but after one month i bought zong unlimited internet.only after one week speed lapsed at 1 to 2 kB and 3kB at max.next month i closed the unlimited package but speed remained same.i even used edge set but speed ever exceed 7 on edge. so zong internet in just a useless and crapy thing. now i m using mobiling indigo, on edge at my area for mobilink but speed is consistent to 5 kB