Zong free internet

all we know zong free internet its a trick but now zong has gone down it is not giving good downloading speed my speed of zong is now 4-5kbps any method to increase or improve that

same thing happened with upone when their free net trick was revealed to whole nation

everyone used to get 1kB/s speed

u cant do any thing else ditch it

every one is using it badly some days ago it gave speed 15 kbps but now it is nothing

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it z not working anymore for me.Guys r u still enjoying d halva net?

i am paying for unlimited and using opera.stop scamming

yah it has stopped working now

zong has fixed it now

well my cousin is still using this halva gprs

i thinik it is working either in selected cities or areas. as i am unable to use it. Me in lahore


i tried it very much it wasnt working for me

but one thing is for sure that zong has improved hell of their edge and coverage

i get 15-25kB/s constantly

yes sure..

I am also getting 12 KBps or more on direct downloads.

speed even cross 20 KBps when I use Youtube

d halva gprs stopped working on friday 17 afternoon then again on 21 it connected for 5-6 hours & was giving average 4KB/s v good speed for gprs but again when disconected i tried a lot but not connecting.i think they r trying 2fix it but havent fixed yet fully.

I was using zong for like 2 months but last week it stoped working here in my area clifton, karachi. Now im using their unlimited plan. its giving good speed but sometimes i feel like banging my head with my edge mobile.

^^^^Hahhaha Same Here