I wonder how can i upload a large number of files (usually 2kb/file) to my server in a blink of eye, i am using coreftp but it takes too much time :(

I have no option for cpanel with my hosting so i can't use the zip/unzip function

Its the nature of tcp/ip that small files don't fully utilise your internet connection's bandwidth. So what you should do is tar up the files or zip them up and then upload the single archive file. For untarring or unzipping you can simply write a php script that you call using your web browser:


//for uncompressed tarball

system("tar -xf filename");

//for zip

system("unzip filename");

okay can someone tell me how to ZIP a folder full of files i mean 20000+ files via php?

You can create a compressed tarball using the following script:


system ("tar -czf tarball.tgz /path/to/folder");