Zem SMS Craze

Whether texting, sharing pictures or browsing the internet, you simply can’t get a better deal! Zem brings the only messaging and internet package in the market. With SMS Craze subscribers can get upto 2,000 SMS/MMS to any number across Pakistan & 10MB of Mobile Internet for a monthly subscription of Rs.150 inclusive of all taxes.

All you need to do to subscribe is call 100 and select SMS Craze.

Zem it with SMS Craze!

10MB DATA LOL.I would use it in few hours.

Few hours? bas?! Make that minutes!

that would be used within 40 to 50 min

10MB Can Be Used In Minutes..If U Download Few Vids Using The Mobile...

One video (FLV) from Youtube ranges (approx) from 7-9MB.

That's one video.

And Warid isn't even EDGE completely (only in some places) so if you want to download, think again.

No, I'm not bashing Warid.

Zong Also IntroDuced Sms Package Today...