Yusuf Upset with T20 format

Former Pakistan Mohammad Yousuf Says in a press interview that Twenty20 format of cricket is destroying the Test cricket.

As all the Young players are attracted towards it and trying to adopt according to the T20 format and negelacting the actual cricket basics and technqiues. According to Yusuf T20 style of bating is not the way actually this game is played. Though T20 is a very good form of entertainmnet but its not the way cricket is played.

I would totally agree there with yousuf. Many greats and legends have identified T20 cricket as a mode of entertainment and money making business and its totally a batsman game. Real form of game is test cricket actually even though one day game was also introduced to attract crowds. For entertainment purpose and to get rid of match in 3 hrs T20 is best but if you like to see real deal and see class of cricket then test cricket is for you.

On the isuue of whether T20 is destroying cricket, idon't think so cauz it mainly depends on icc how they manage other forms. With the invention of T20 cricket game has gone one step ahead with batsman becoming aggressive and bowlers trying hard to get wickets and you can see these days test matches are becoming exciting and competitive. One dayer games are being high scoring with equivalent run chasing from teams.

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