Youtube or online streaming?

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Can you tell me when we watch some movie online on youtube or anyother site its starts buffering after that where is that movie stored as when we close the explorer and reopen the same content it takes time again? doest that gets into the cache or computer or isp?

It's cached in the browser, but I don't think its recoverable. Because its temporary, the browser gets rid of it (to save space) once it thinks we're done with that data.

In Firefox you could try about:cache

If you are using IE, then keep the IE window open and don't navigate to any other site. Now go to c:\documents and settings\\Local settings emporary internet files\

and there will be files named get_video without any extension. copy them to some other place and add .flv extension to them to view them offline. you still need flv player to view them this way.

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Why sometimes i get low speeds on streaming and if not streaming i get constant speed around 45 to 50 KB but while streaming it hover around 15 to 20 KB :(

^^coz u r giving some bandwidth for streaming

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^^coz u r giving some bandwidth for streaming

But i want to give full bandwidth to streaming but streaming is not utilizing it to full just 20 KB whereas i am not downloading or browsing any other site :( do Micronet has some policy for streaming?

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