Youtube gives £1,00,000 to family for homemade video


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London: Video sharing website YouTube has given a British family 100,000 pounds for homemade video clips of their three children.

Howard Davies-Carr, the 42-year-old father of Charlie and Harry, became famous after the “Charlie bit my finger – again!” video was posted on the website.

Since he posted the video, it has been viewed a staggering 387 million times – and counting.

Davies-Carr has said that “Nearly all income from YouTube is banked

A little is spent on holidays and we bought a castle for the garden. We would have struggled to put all three boys through private education but with the YouTube money we decided to commit to all, and it was always going to be all or none,” he said.

He now posts videos every six weeks and runs a website.

YouTube often splits with users the revenue from advertising running alongside videos.

YouTube monitors all uploads to its website, and if there is enough interest or it believes the video will go viral, it contacts the user who uploaded it to offer them the chance to make money.

The company is said to have developed an algorithm for working out which videos are going to become internet hits.

Advertisements placed on the page or embedded within the video clip can generate a huge revenue stream that is then shared between the user and YouTube, it is reported.

The deal is a type of partnership that sees YouTube split revenue from advertising running alongside videos with users.