YouTube Fast Video Uploading, how?

I want to upload a series of videos of 1 hour each to Youtube, what is easy and fast way to upload them to net without trimming one hour to many parts. Thanks

1. Buy a connection with higher upload rate

2. Upload video faster

3. ???

4. Profit

I have PTCL 2mb package, is there possible faster upload with this connection/

send CDs to Youtube headquarters and tell them add in their servers with your account name

Uhh, you can't possibly upload faster than your connection is limited to. The only option is to upgrade your connection.

And don't believe any software claiming to increase or accelerate your upload speed, they're scams.

The one other thing you can do, is convert your video files with higher compression, and then upload them. Smaller files will result in faster uploads.

These files are in AVI, which formate which can I covert them for compression?

2mb ptcl package means your upload rate would be probably near to 500kbps. upload rate is usually 25% of download rate. 1 hr of video would be probably 300 to 400 mb. it seems practically impossible in this situation.

x264 is so far the best codec for higher compression. it will produce either mp4 or mkv file. use some good software such as handbrake to convert them.

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These files are in AVI, which formate which can I covert them for compression?


Convert them to MP4 with H264 codec. Use half the bitrates of the original file’s bitrates, and see how it looks. If it looks bad, increase the bitrates until it looks good.

Thanks all users for replying me, I will now convert the files to MP4 as suggested by you. Thanks again

I might be wrong but AFAIK the upload speed for consumer-grade internet connection is average to 256kbps, whether you have download speed of 1Mb or 2Mb or more. Can current users of 4Mb+ DSL connection users, please shed some light on this subject? Please measure your upload speed and show results here (

contect you tube for solutions just send them a Email about this issue and they will defiantly get back to you on this ...