Youtube Error


When I click on any Youtube video to watch, it gives me an error.

"Object moved to here."

Anyone else having the same problem?

I am also facing the same Problem. :(

Any other ISP user having same issue....????

im not facing this problem. which explorer are you using, try another explorer like firefox etc.. bcozim using mozila firefox. have you installed adobe flash player correctly.

i think this problem is in your flash player try to update it.

All the computers on my network are facing similar issue.

Edit: It working after a modem restart.

check this

it seems like something wrong @ ptcl side.

ask other people whose on different ISPs

This appears to be PTCL specific error.

Its only with PTCL DNS i guess.

use open dns....


.Net 2, 3, 4 were already installed before this *** either i installed .Net 1 after googling this crap but of no use

Was using Open DNS already, changed to a static did fixed it i get back to Auto but HELL FIRE was waiting for me even then

Never thought that one day i had to use this Ultrasurf at my home too.... :(


Youtube link issue seem to be resolved by PTCL.