Your thoughts on the new Google Pixel phones?

I’m sure most of you are aware that this year Google has replaced their famous Nexus lineup with Pixel lineup, which won’t have any manufacturer logos on it other than Google’s, and would practically be iPhone clones running Android. :laughing:

Personally, i preferred it the old way. The Pixel phones don’t have the same attraction to them (both visually and otherwise) that the recent nexus devices had, add to that the bad pricing & you end up with a undesirable device.

So what do you think?

Google screwed up badly, they were focusing on competing with the iPhone 7 rather than pleasing the diehard Android fanboys.
I own a Nexus 6P and I was thinking about upgrading, but what the hell, I’m not forking out 700 dollars for an iPhone knockoff with no front facing speakers, no OIS and the most hideous design ever.
My next choice was the Galaxy Note 7, unfortunately, that’s not happening either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Google can F**K off to hell for all I care. The Pixie phones are bunch of iPhone wannabes they can never be. I’ve lost all my interest in the lagfest that is Android. I will keep using my current phone (Moto X 2nd Gen) for as long as it works. When it dies, its gonna be the last smart-ass phone for me. I’ll be switching back to a simple phone so I’d no longer have to put up with shit battery lifespan and avoid the explosions along the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Google can go ***k itself, seriously :angry:

Disappointment, especially because they cancelled the Nexus line. The Pixel phone is the same price as an iPhone with a lot less hardware, and neither is it much better than the older Nexus 6P which was a lot cheaper.

If I was forking out iPhone money, then might as well get an iPhone. For what the Pixel delivers, phones from companies like Xiami, Oppo and Asus are much cheaper and deliver about the same specs. Heck, looking at how good phones around 300-400 dollars are now, it seems madness to pay more for a few percent improvement.

I have a Nexus 6P so will keep it till next year now and see what the OnePlusFour is like or the Xiaomi Mi6. Hardware wise the iPhone is awesome but I prefer Android.

Have you tried a more modern android phone? I have a Xiaomi note 2 and a Nexus 6P and both are super fast.

While i agree that the Pixel phones aren’t worth buying, i disagree about your rant about Android OS. Buy a recent powerful device with at least 3GB of RAM & you won’t have to deal with much lag.

You also complain about battery life while mentioning that you use a Moto X 2014 which has poor battery backup, (I’ve used it) so that complaint is also incorrect. If you’re into Moto, then try upgrading to a Droid Turbo or Turbo 2 (depending on your budget). They both have a satisfying battery life & good performance. The Turbo 2 also has a shatterproof screen which eases your mind about accidental drops.

The price alone kills Pixel prospects.

Note 7 was next handset of choice but that one blows.

S7 edge would be next in line but that’s gotten a bit long in the tooth by now.

Next would be current Nexus phone (oops, Google killed any current or future prospects for that and the 6P is much too expensive locally) and then plethora of no-brand brands fighting each other for the bottom scrapings.

Agree with the price but battery performance is very good on Nougat. $700 for a Google phone isn’t worth it since the audience is looking for a lower price point. The Note 7 fiasco might help them though.

Android has lost its charm, atleast for me. Neither iOS nor Android interests me anymore to be perfectly honest. I’m sick & tired of upgrading to a new phone every fucking year. I bought a 6P later last year, but sold it only after a month, as the charm of using a nexus device was completely lost to me on that one. Not to mention the fact, the latest Android 7.0 still hasn’t been released for 6P, which tells you clearly about the priorities of Google releasing a stable ROM for its previous year flagship. I mean, I was used to seeing their official phones discontinuing in less than 18 months previously, but the 6P isn’t even a year old yet.

Call whatever you may want about android being smooth, but i’ve seen it lag even on a 6GB RAM phone (yes the ONE Plus 3). 4GB ki tou baat hi na karo. Its a joke, nothing more in my eyes. Feel free to disagree, i really don’t have an issue with having difference of an opinion. But as for me, I’m done with this shit OS.

Sir, I have used 6P when it was released. A friend from US got it for me, but I sold it after using it a month, reason being that it didn’t feel smooth to me, and apps kept crashing on it all the time. I’ve been a long time android user and have used pretty much all nexus phones, 6P was the least impressive to me experience wise. The current pixel phones are a disgrace really, Google really has no shame when it comes to ripping off Apple’s design, but then who’s to blame when every single OEM is doing exactly the same.

I’ve had a much better experience with the 6P. Works fast, apps load much faster than an iphone. Have you tried a factory reset?

I agree that the new pixel phones are a sad money grab, especially as they are barely improved from the 6P.

What are your reviews for xiaomi note 2? By which phone you can compare it with?

Comparing it to an iPhone6 and a Nexus 6P, the redmi note 2 is pretty good, at least after I installed the rom on it which strips away almost all of the Chinese services and apps and installs the google play store.

The camera is exactly what I expected - it’s 1/4 the price and about 1/4th the quality of the 6P, but the phone itself works well, all apps are fast, faster than the iphone 6 almost all the time. For the price it’s great. Besdies the camera, I prefer it to an iphone 6 (6s is faster and smoother though).

Compared to the 6P - the 6P is bigger, better, faster, but the note 2 is fast enough to get the job done (besides the camera).

check new Google Pixel
Phaar Dala Salay nay Sub ko lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pixel phones have arrived in Pakistan. 88K for Pixel and 98K for Pixel XL.

Has anyone bought it yet?

Is there any official dealer with local warranty for Google Pixel ?

No. Maybe shop warranty or check warranty but nothing else.