Your Opinions Please


I was thinking about investing in one of those PTC Websites. Can anyone more knowledgeable guide me as to whether this would be a good thing to do or otherwise, please?

Thank You.

Please explain what PTC means?

PTC pay to click? like

All those are scams don't go for them or waste your time , get some job to get real money thats the best way i found

yes it means paid-to-click. well i am giving them a try from a member's perspective and wanted to know if it would be good to be an owner of one of these sites and if someone here can give me some guidance on how to run one? (i wouldn't even mind a partner :)).

besides, i already have a job, i wanted to give it a try as an extra source of income (mainly for my other online purchases). so, anyone please?

Not all of them are scams, I have a list of such websites that really pay but the things is that they pay veru less and is a waste of time if you don't have referalls

Becoming an owner of such website is a good idea, I think.

I have read in many forums, that people are always looking for some PTC opportunities, this website has been started by a person and he seems to be earning a nice income from it, as it has attracted many members

But, I will advise you to start a PTs (Paid-to-Sign up) Business, Sign up for some affiliate programs who have incentive offers and offer cash to memeber who complete offers to you

It works in a way like that, if a offer pays you $2 per every lead you offer

Then you can pay $1 to the person who completes the offer for you and keep the remaining $1 with you

Please note that this is only my opinion, I think 95% of PTC websites out there are scams and remaining pay you very low income. If you want to filter out bad ones then filter every PTC site which pays you more than 2cents per click. In practical life, for a PTC website, it is not possible to pay you more than 2 Cents.

i suppose then it would be best if i stuck to examining and analyzing them for now (and maybe for about 6 months) and lets see how much are they worth.

thanks everyone for their time n suggestions :)