Your favourite tech blog/website?

As of me, I frequently visit Gizmodo and GSM Arena. Recently the mobile version of gizmodo loads up other than the original one, so i amnot readin it anymore.

Other than that, Techradar, engadget and are on my list aswell.

I like to read Google's blog along with a couple of Newspapers blogs such as Guardian and independent. Though mashable is worth reading too.

Gawker media site's new design is really ugly. I don't really want to visit them anymore. Gizmodo is also more fluff than news. Engadget and Techradar are good.

Digg is not the old Digg anymore but it's still good to pass time :P

I use Google reader to read tech or general news. You can have dozens of news sources there and skim through everything quickly. On mobile I use Pulse news reader, which is awesome for reading tech news.

Seems like you guys haven't heard about

Try it and you will forget everything else. father of all

TechCrunch and Gizmodo.

I follow Slashdot and Engadget through Google Reader, though I haven't been reading Slashdot lately.

Other than that I used to visit Digg a lot and went to Reddit when I got bored, but Digg V4 sucked big time, I shifted to Reddit when V4 was introduced.

@TechMan: I'm what's your username?


aliweb :)

Gizmodo and Mydigital life.


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Engadget, CNET news, GSM Arena & Propakistani

Gizmodo, Techcrunch, lifehacker and huffington post

Quick skim of anything interesting @

Can preview by just running mouse over the link