Your experience with Liberty Books?

Are these guys fraud or something?

I ordered a book from them more than a month ago, and the order status still reads "In process".

I did successfully received two books from them after some waiting earlier, but this time they don't seem to have any intention of shipping my book.

I've already contacted them through email, and if they don't respond, I'll call them.

What's been your experience with them?

Call them and ask about your order status - sound a bit frustrated. Unfortunately that's the only way that works.

I've ordered several books via the website and got them in the end about 2-3 weeks later. One book took more than a month, they said it was out of stock, but I got it eventually.

Got email reply. They said the book might be out of stock and if it is, I'll get a refund.

What about their magazine subscriptions? What's the guarantee that I'll get my magazine regularly if I subscribe to one?

It always took 2-3 days for me.


don't know about their 'online store' but offline i have been dealing with them without any problem.if they ship late or don't ship at all then you should ask for refund if the payment is deducted(in most cases it isn't)

I had a number of magazine subscriptions from Liberty Books. Never had a problem with it.