You tube's restrictions?

When i try to open this video through the link

it says This video is not available in your country.

I thought youtube never had this sort of country wise restrictions.

Strange! I've never seen that either. Could be an uploader preference? The vid is from the official channel for Enrique so maybe they have some restrictions set up...

Not good :(

just chkd same msg here.... may b sum 1 shud try tht ip fakin thingy......

Same message i got not avilable in my country. I mean Pakistan. It might be restricted by youtube or uploader or out PTA.

By the way how you got this link and what is in it?

i had the same problem when disturbed's new video came out when i tried to play the video disturbed themselves uploaded i cudnt play it but when i played it from someone else who had uploaded it i cud

Even with solid proxies, it's giving the same message.

Maybe whoever put it up there, restricted it, for their

country alone ?.




Sheikh 'Pardah Na Uthao' Chilli

Its working here in Canada...

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Its working here in Canada…

So, It means it is restricted for Pakistan only or more countries.

you guys could always try some US proxy to access such stuff ....

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So, It means it is restricted for Pakistan only or more countries.


Probably restricted to US and Canada only

works with the us proxy on this site:

get a US/Canada prxy from here

i always find proxies from dere