Ylod Recovered 40 GB Playstation 3 with 2 Controller n 2 Games and HD


When it first starts giving YLOD, I opened it my self n found that Heatsink was nearly completely blocked by dust n that's y thermal paste was also dried n become powder, so preventing from a hardware damage PS3 was giving YLOD, I cleaned heatsink, put a new Thermal paste of Dow Coring which come with Intel processors, n slightly Reflowed the whole PS3 motherboard, from then PS3 is running like charm ended 2 games Twice (MGS4 n uncharted2) n played many demos, n I even used PS3 straight 6 hours without any problem , the only thing is that now I prevent my PS3 from Dust n extreme hot climate. Its working and physical condition is still awesome specially BD Drive.

Price =

16k for PS3 only

1400 for 1 extra controller

3800 for Uncharted 2 (Condition is brand new, not a Single Scratch)

2800 for Metal Gear Solid 4 (Condition is brand new, not a Single Scratch)

Total = 24000

I will give All things in 20K if bought together (FIXED, non negotiable, unbreakable, Rock Solid)

th.86497e5414.jpg th.ef0e993cb4.jpg th.5dc351090f.jpg th.2e1f0c2156.jpg th.afe96dcf7d.jpg

Shipment on Buyer's Risk n Expense

For contact u can


Email f a r h a n 1 9 a l i @ g m a i l . c o m (widout spaces)

Or sms @ zero triple three, three one double eight three zero nine(fastest way of reply)

Where are you residing.

It would be nice if you could tell us your location...and secondly is the controller dualshock 3 or simple sixaxis?

location is karachi, North Karachi

controller is sixaxis


only 1 sixaxis n Uncharted 2 remaining

Sixaxis for 1400

Uncharted2 for 3100

or 4000 for both

Everything SOld

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