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I have been researching to upgrade the UPS solution installed at my parents' place. They have been using a homage inverter with AGS / EXCIDE or a similar battery (150AH) for a couple of years now. But I wanted it to upgrade to a better solution since the load shedding is now almost 7 / 8 hours a day. The main aim is to have absolutely painless UPS setup with a minimum of maintenance and the best home UPS solution there is. Budget is flexible based on how good a value of money the setup is.

I am an electrical engineer myself so at first I thought to buy two UPSes (24 v type) with independent batteries (maintenance free type) and then use a small PLC controller (with change over contactors, voltage transducers, circuit breakers etc) so that when mains has power both UPSes are being charged and then upon loss of power one of the UPS takes over. Once the battery voltage drops below a certain level, it will switch over to the other UPS. Since this way I can use slightly smaller batters (100 AH) for each UPS, it should have a shorter charging time for each UPS. I had drawn drawing for this setup including some sketchs for the cabinet I want to build it to house this setup in.

But then I realized that there has to be a better solution in the market since this is such a widespread issue.

So here I am asking your expert opinion. I have been looking at branded UPSes, such as APC and cyberpower and upon going through this forum realized that a lot of people are infact using those. However most of these UPS solutions are designed for the datacentre / telecom market and are mainly for short duration usage.

I had looked at this APC UPS:

But unfortunately according to runtime chart this will only last about an hour on my load. (2/3 fans, a couple of energy savers, a modem, wireless access point, 400 - 500 watts max).

Do you guys have a solution for me? I would like to have an absolute best solution (as in low maintenance batteries, branded UPS with proper warranty and preferably home support, a display unit for some minor data monitoring etc, shortest possible charging times).

If you are based in Karachi and would like to take it up as contractual job, I'd fine with that too, offcourse I would expect that you know your stuff well :). You can make a profit out of your hard earned UPS knowledge. It will be a win-win situation for both of us. Budget as I said earlier is flexible. Please give me the absolute best you can think of.

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your demands are too high for your actual requirements.. lcd dislays and other fancy lights and firecrackers dont have any practical use .. they can easily be ound in cheap chinese inverters but proper branded ones would cost you over lacs for all the Bling bling :)

in real practical user experiences

your easiest, minimal maintenance ups system for your parents would be an APC 2200VA with charging enhanced used with a minimum of 4x 135AH and above AGS batteries.. a 165AH would be a blast... with APC even local batteries last over 2 years, especially AGS and pheonix, as Exide is the worst quality now... my own 165 AGS are almost over a year old, total white plates still, no black caps, only added little water once, ONCE till now, and backup is almost 80% of a new battery.

48V 4 battery UPS are always prefearable to 2 battery ups as their charging is 2x faster and battery drainage and stress is reduced by half, thus extended battery life.

this is just a suggestion post.. for technical details, please search the engineering corner of the forum for posts on APC with excellent discussions by Elite members eg. ijaz, Aurangzeb, NVD650, and not so elite eg me :)

Dear Farahan,

Thanks for responding. I do realize that my demands a bit to high. The main aim of have a display was to be updated on how the UPS is behaving. My mom is quite tech oriented can even measure battery voltage with a multimeter and turn off the UPS when she believes the charging voltage is too high ;) The main aim was to have a UPS which requires minimal support/maintenance thus giving them piece of mind. Infact the present homage UPS with 180AH battery is backup plenty for us at the moment. But I want to prepare for the summer when the loadshedding is at its peak.

I looked at Cyberpower and had almost made up my mind to use CPS3500PIE (Charging at 45 amps) before I saw your post. I also thought about buying CPS1500PIE (charger rated at 20 amps) but then decided against it because of the charger rating. What is your opinion on CPS3500 ?

The take away from your post I have is that I should use 4x165AH with cyberpower but it only accepts 24 VDC input. Previously I was thinking of using 2x200AH batteries.

As you have also suggested, I have been reading the threads made on this forum for the last couple of days. Please correct me if I am wrong, (a) APC are only available in used conditions not new. (B) APC UPS have low amp charging circuits and thus need to have an 'updated' charger installed.

I have also read your posts and know that you believe cyberpower are expensive as hell and APCs are good value for money. Do you know any place where I can find APC units in Karachi which are reliable? I also read in one of your posts that you had used external chargers..would that be an option for me?

Ohh, I also remember you saying that decent 48V chargers are very hard to find. So If I do go with the 48V / 4 battery solution where would I buy the charger from?

And I know you are just being humble here. From your posts I can surely see that you are amongst the top members of this forum :)

This is a very old thread but if anyone has a similar issue, the lesser the draw-down on battery [as % of battery capacity], the quicker it will recharge and the longer its batteries will last. For any given load and outage time, UPS with more storage capacity (higher number or higher capacity batteries) will work better than UPS with lesser storage capacity.