Yahoo Mobile services are not working on my Wateen WiMax

I was just checking to test if it is working or not, I did test it during when I was finding a solution to the trouble with Yahoo services on my Nokia phone's built-in IM and Email clients.

Visiting above URLs simply displays "Server Hangup" at my end. I then tried the same URLs on my Head Office's computer which is in UK, these URLs worked great without any trouble. Then I tried the same URLs on my Lahore Office's computer with internet from World Call, the links also worked good there as well. So it just tells me that Wateen's IPs are blocked by Yahoo and not letting them in Yahoo Mobile Services intentionally or unintentionally.

Using proxy to my office server also worked on Wateen's connection.

Can you please check aboveURLs on your end. And please mention the ISP you are using.


^yup not opening at my yateem too.

hang the CSR's as much you can.

working perfectly on my mobile device when connected from wifi.

@Imran CSR'S are humans too you shouldn't blame them they are not creating problems for you you can simply call up and log a complaint and that's it ..


then simply disconnect the call and call again and log a complaint against that csr simple


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working perfectly on my mobile device when connected from wifi.

you didn’t mention the ISP behind the WiFi. Which ISP is it?


you need to comment on the topic and realy no need to object on other problems. Please be on subject. Thanks.


I appreciate your comments like the 1st of yours in this thread. But you shouldn't reply to a comment which isn't related

please keep the thread clean and try to be on topic

maybe you need to check your wifi settings or maybe Wateen on your area might have messed up.

have you called them yet?

^No! it's not WiFi for sure, I have checked that. But I didn't call them up till now. I am not very interested to get that right away as I managed it my self. Besides that I just needed for the services for a few minutes.

However I wanted to check with you guys if it's working same with you or only with me.

So you seem to be OK with accessing the listed URLs on your Wateen WiMax... don't you?

Wel they seem to have redirected some porn material but other than that the rest is ok :D

Looks like really a trouble at Wateen's end. I'll contact them on the issue.