Yahoo Messenger problem

Hi all

I have this weird problem with my Yahoo Messenger. (I m using ver 11)

During chat when I type the text, I can see it in the text field, but as soon as I press the send button it becomes invisible. Similarly, I cant see any chat messages from the ppl whom I m chatting with.

I have re-installed Y messenger, reboot my pc, sign in and signout, but the result is da same.

I hav searched the net for solutions but it was useless.

Guys plz help

why you are still using dedicated messengers. Use multi-chat messengers like pidgin , AIM and Best of all Trillian Astra

And still if you want to stick with yahoo messenger then try to install version 10 as 11 is beta and BETA SUCKS most of the times.

A new friend of mine is also having this issue when i chat to him, He is not able to view my msgs, he gets the buzzs though. Maybe its a big Y-msngr glitch.

And I am not able to do voice chat on yahoo. Other party's voice come but not mine.

checked everything but the problem didn't solved.

works well on skype.