XP SP2 vs. XP SP3

AOA Friends,

please help me decide weather should I choose XP Sp2 or xp sp3 for my system.Mainly I run games and surf internet on my computer and here r my specs.:

CPU: Pentium 4 -2.83GHZ

HDD: Seagate 40GB

Graphics Card:Nvidia TNT2 pro 64.

Mobo: Via P4X266

RAM: 512Mb.




If you are having Windows XP SP2 working good and wondering to upgrade to SP3, then

I would also suggest SP3 as it has a lot of patches and updates. Your system is not bad at all, I have had Windows XP SP3 on pretty same specs with no such trouble that I feel to mention it here. Besides that SP2 as well requires being upgraded with extra security patches and updates so it's good to have SP3 already bundled with most of those updates you need on SP2.

So If you go for SP3, then I would recommend the 1st way below as it's reliable to revert back to SP2 if ever you want to get back.

1- You could choose separately to download SP3 from Microsoft's website and install it on your Windows XP SP2.

Upgrading by this way, you can have an option to uninstall SP3 if you don't like work with it. So I would say that you can try upgrading this way as if you don't like it or you feel any trouble with it you can easily remove it and can revert back to SP2.


2- If you are willing to re-install windows with Windows XP CD slipstreamed/pre-bundled with SP3.

Then you will not find a simpler way of removing SP3 and it can not be reverted back to SP2. but there are ways that you can move it to SP2(not actually removing SP3) by some ways/tricks. But i don't recommend it as it leaves a lot of crap on your system which actually doesn't disturb your computer usage but reserves a lot of disk space with no use.

sp2 is faster. sp3 was intentionally designed to slow down the system so as to close the gap between xp and vista.

^ Really? Cause i never felt any noticeable difference...

@fahad_132 SP3 for sure, your PC will handle it very well.

^^ It won't be noticeable on a modern computer but is very noticeable on a p4.

Thanx freinds i'll go for sp3

sp3 is the forward for you, specially if you connect your pc to net.

i also recommend sp3,,i switched from sp2 to sp3 after my computer was getting wierd problems,,,,

now there are no problems

I am also using Windows XP Service Pack 3 and having no problems.

well dude SP 3 bcoz SP 2 have lots of loop holes that can not fix by anti-virus and today Microsoft announce that will no longer support updates to SP 2 . check this site


Go for SP3 it is the last and final update Microsoft been made to Windows XP! i think it works fine without any problems