Xiaomi phone in pak?

hi, i am just curious if xiaomi phones are available in pakistan,


yes....they are available from homeshopping.pk :



These guys sell them for ridiculous prices if you're interested.

thanx guys, i m planning 2 buy new fone, but i'll stay put for a while 2 c if 4G tech comes r not, but thanx 4 info

Xiomi phones are unbelievable, excellent products are drop down prices.. i actually am very convinced to buy jaiyou or xaiomi for my next phone when my galaxy s2 is sold. :)

Yeah, i too am considering buying the Red Rice, but only if i find it for the right price. The phone's hot. B)

All my tech guys are over charging on these Chinese brands.

And jiayu is not a premium brand it’s a third quality phone.
Based on my experience with jy-g2.

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yes may b a bit over priced, but coz they import these on their own risk and have to cover themselves for faulty item thats why small sellers will be over priced, but definitely a good option though

Still a lot better priced than HTC one and Galaxy S4 and especially Z1

Huawei phones are better then jiayu IMO. Better build quality better price better support.

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^ we are all gearing for Xaiomi phone only :)

^ can't say anything about xiaomi phone cause didn't used personally. But there is lots of hype about xiaomi on internet. But i still think Huawei will be better choice because of official presence.

Note: I am not Huawei employee nor affiliated with that in any term.

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When it comes to Chinese (multinational brands)

  1. OPPO got the design
  2. Xiaomi got the user interface
  3. Huawei got the build quality

^ all the new high end Xiaomi phones have excellent build quality, made entirely of magnesium alloy.. you can see the Mi 3 making.. it is on par with HTC one 2014 model.

I honestly don't think anyone comes close to the build quality in HTC, they're just the masters in that field. But as farhan said, Some recent high-end Xiaomi phones have excellent build quality too.

As per my experience, Huawei is inferior in all departments...

BTW, does anyone of you know if any reputable store in karachi is selling the Xiaomi Red Rice (the pic up there). Allmytech was selling it for a ridiculous price, and i haven't found anyone else selling those babies.

^ red rice is their low-mid end phone at extreme low price.. therefore its build quality is no match to HTC or even samsung..

only the Xiaomi Mi3 phone is extremely well built.. and has a finish ans thin border that is almost 1-1.5mm thicker at max from the iphone and is almost marginally second to the flagship 2014 version of HTC one which is the highest build quality ever achieved in any phone ever made ever period ever ever..

^ I never said that Red Rice is a high-end phone. Learn to read...

As for the Mi3, although it is a high-class phone with a fine build, but at the price of ~350 USD, it's simply not worth it IMO.

Also, HTC One is one of the most overrated phones along with GS4... But I'm not in the mood to debate that crap right now.

@Zohair Did you see the advertisement video of the new OPPO N1? Tacky or what? :lol:

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As for the Mi3, although it is a high-class phone with a fine build, but at the price of ~350 USD, it's simply not worth it IMO.

Same specs or better than most maintstream flagship phones.. build quality on par with the best.. camera from Sony..Screen is LG IPS with best viewing angles and gloves senstive capacitive..

Samsung S4-5 almost above 750$..

HTC one in same price range..

iphone 5S at even higher price with capacity variations.

Which phone overall worldwide exactly do you think is worth it ??

There are a lot other what what..?

In Lahore folks are getting the Xiaomi Mi3 for 23k,

which is what Indians are paying for it in Indian

rupees, across the border.

Can people get a similar deal anywhere in KHI ?.

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