Xiaome mobile phones

اسسلام علیکم

i like to know where can i buy xiaome mobiles to be specific xiaome redmi note 3. in karachi

in karachi there are a lot of people with big shops for xiaomi and a lot of other major chinese brands..

Allmytech has a shop and online as well in karachi.

shophive ships anywhere

Daraz.pk, cellmart.pk ,


Yes, the Xiaomi phones are made available here locally by few people/sites (cheezmall.com let everybody down) though sadly not officially and most of the times at quite a premium (like LeTV/LeEco 1S around 28K ) ... usually one can import one with shipping via courier for personal use (with PTA's NOC) for cheaper ... better still, wait for Huawei or Lenovo to launch a similar device with official warranty ... compared to Redmi Note 3 (Helio X10), the upcoming Honor 5X (Snapdragon 615 ... price around $200) looks equally matched if not worse provided all the issues for SD615 have been resolved by now!



Hello Again!

Well it seems that Huawei is going the typical path and not wising up ... honor 5x at 29,799 (2GB RAM version) ... probably switched to SD616 but still ... at that price, one has a lot of options!!!



huawei although quite popular now, are charging a lot on all their phones.. even their top end mates , quite spectacular , are over priced, considering they are not the top tier manufacturer with limited market share..

all their phones should be 4-5k lower in price.. even samsung has good options in that range..and as usual , LG rules the roost in price performance package.