Xbox Kinect hacked to run on PC

This is really awesome. I am sure Microsoft is going to already incorporate this technology into windows sometime in the future but people have already hacked the Kinect and are using it to do a whole lot of things. Check out these two videos currently available on YouTube:


cool... :)

thats awesome... looks real FUN...

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We appreciate the support from Microsoft.


that controlling windows7 is a legal project not hacked... :)

That is fun! awesome. I think Parnav mistry might have stolen :P the idea, thats why his idea was not much complete. :P

More Kinect fun:

A guy playing several versions of Mario (NES) with Kinect. :)

I blog was posted 2 weeks ago on Opera portal here The coolest I found was Oliver Kreylos's hack.

i am gonna try this when i get my kinect next week can't wait...