Xbox 360 Pal Jasper For Sale

I bought Xbox 360 Pal Jasper in January 2010. But after that, I started a job in evening and I couldnt find time to play on it. So it is as new as I had bought. It is in the box as well along with all accessories. Hardly, I have played 8-10 hours till to date. Never went online on it. PM me if you agree to the given offer.

Now I want to sell it. The things include:

Xbox 360 along with 20GB HDD(bought separately and attached to it and it was of 2800R.S) and all accessories as well as the box, manuals, cables which come with Pal.

It has also cable(called VGA cable, I guess) so that it can hooked to the computer monitor(bought for 800 rupees separately).

It has also RCA Female to male cable so that 3.55mm jack speakers can be hooker(I bought it separately for, I guess, 300 rupees or 250 rupees). Two games(Mass Effect 2 and FIFA)

I am from Lahore and I will give you 1 day checking warranty(have to be in perfect condition in any problem)....If you want outside from Lahore then it will be on buyer's expenses.

Price: 19.5k (not-negotiable, so please do not crap) can see it's all new(been 3-4 months and I did NOT even open it)...

Reason for sale: It is lying useless as NO time at all for playing.

what is the manufacturing date ?

its 19 k new in the market modded r u willing to sell for less ?

let me know if you are interested

it's manufacture date is 26-06-2009...

Well the console's price in market is 21.7k without mod. Moreover, it is without HDD as well and no cables.

So the whole console along with all those things will cost you more than 25k. However, I am selling for far more reasonable price.

You can check IT'S NEW. You won't get better than this in the market when you will buy the new one. The minimum I can offer you is 19k..If you agree then we can have a deal.

regards and you can check market rates as well