XboX 360 for $299, no PS3 price cuts

XboX 360 for $299, no PS3 price cuts

Though Microsoft still hasn’t made it official, every media outlet from Kotaku to the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the Xbox 360 Pro will soon cost just $299. The move lops $50 off the price of the console and–once in effect–will make it just $50 more than the Nintendo Wii and $100 cheaper than the $399 40GB PlayStation 3. In the past, such moves have sparked tit-for-tat price wars. In 2004, Microsoft dropped the cost of the original Xbox to $149, only to see Sony do the same to the PlayStation 2 weeks later. Last summer, Sony discontinued the 60GB PS3 by pricing it to sell at $499–a move that was quickly followed by Microsoft discounting its Xbox 360 models to $279 (HDD-less Arcade), $349 (20GB Pro), and $449 (120GB Elite).

Four months later, Sony introduced the $399 40GB PS3, a move that has put the PS3 and 360 neck-and-neck in sales ever since. Though the June US sales numbers are not yet out, many expect the introduction of the $499 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle to further boost the platform at retail. So will Microsoft’s latest move spark a response from Sony? No, according to Nobuyuki Oneda, the electronics giant’s chief financial officer. “Our plan is not to reduce the price,” the executive told the Nomura Asia Equity forum in Singapore, reports Dow Jones. “Our strategy is not to sell more quantity for PS3 but to concentrate on profitability.”

Source: Gamespot

Nice.. Its good to see Xbox bringing down its price, it will only mean that in the future Sony will also reduce its price. Xbox is cheaper but if you play online then you have to pay for Xbox live, whereas no such thing required for PS3.. The PS network is free. So for those who play online, like me, its pretty much a simple equation really.

And i dont want to start a console war here because it always comes to no good.

Yeah but the question is can everyone afford to buy PS3 games here? They cost like 3k I guess? So if I buy 10 games, I am going to have to spend aroud 30k? Wooo!! And there is no such thing called returning the game or after-sale support or anything like that.

I have been planning to buy an XBOX 360. Now, what I need to know is can I have it modified here? I am planning to buy it from U.S and then have it modified over here. Would that work? How much does it cost to get modified to play all kinda DVDs?

Yeah well for pakistanis who are addicted to buying pirated games for them obviously PS3 isnt the way to go because of expensive games. But for most of the world where they buy original games its no issue for them. We are just addicted to treating games like crap we just buy the CD's play the game and throw it away :D..

Plus no one buys 10 games together. I mean we over here may buy 10 games together but they are pirated. People who buy original games, they never buy 10 games together.

Btw, if you buy it from US then you will need to use a transformer so that it can convert the 220voltage to 110v because American Xbox is 110v. 2nd thing is that, i would prefer that you buy it from over here only because you will get it already modified. If you buy it from there and then bring it here to get it modified, they will charge extra for the modification and you end up paying alot more.

Basically, wat I want to know is how much do they charge to modify a US machine?

If i remember correctly i think i paid something around 1500-2000 to get my US xbox modified around an year back.. Im dont remember exactly though. Anyway the US Xbox wont play all the games good luck though.

The red ring of death sounds very scary!

dont they replace the rrod'd xboxes for free?

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dont they replace the rrod’d xboxes for free?

Yeah if they’re under warranty (which you wont be if you got it modified to play pirated games in pakistan) and also IF they provide support for that country which again i dont think they do for pakistan.