Www.webpaisa.pk :: First Electronic Wallet and Payment Processor For Pakistan

WebPaisa.pk was launched to help people living in Pakistan to do online business with ease.
There was a time when businesses relied on their physical presence to attract customers and for daily productivity. Now it’s the era of digital advertising, online marketing, selling, and procurement.Most of the physical activities have stepped into the web. The same is true regarding several businesses in Pakistan. Customers usually create the first impression of businesses by visiting the web portal associated with that business.
The idea of e-commerce isn’t new. However, keeping our country’s current position in mind, it is a developing concept. We are still accustomed to the same old way of buying things - going to the market, visiting shops, bargaining to get a good deal, and coming home with the product. This trend is rapidly changing; customers and businesses are switching to e-commerce, because it provides a brand new experience of buying and selling.
Online transactions have made serious head way in the past few years, convincing more consumers to digitize their shopping experience, and Here at WEBPAISA we are trying our best to provide the best of those experiences to out customers.

Webpaisa provides businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to move money online. Trusted by merchants and consumers alike, our financial services span more than 180 cities and across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.
Here at WebPaisa we believe , e-commerce is no rocket science, in plain terms, it’s all about buying/selling from the comfort of your home, so start now!
Deposit Methods : processing time -( Instant- 24 hrs )
Bank Deposit
Bank Transfer
Easy Paisa
Mobi Cash
UBL Omni
Perfect Money - Instant
WebMoney - Instant
Skrill - Instant
VISA/MASTER Card (World Pay)
Prepaid Cards (Coming Soon) - Instant
WithDrawal Methods : (12- 24 hrs)
Bank Deposit
Bank Transfer
Easy Paisa
Mobi Cash
UBL Omni
User - user payments / transfers - Instant
IPN (Instant payment / deposit /withdrawal Notification) available on both email and sms(for business Users)
Fees and Comissons :
Deposit Fees - 0 %
Withdrawal Fees - 3.5 %
User to User Transfer - 1.5 %
Please review and Rate our services .. List of merchants who are already accepting webpaisa will be updated soon. All those merchants who want to accept webpaisa on their websites pls contact info@webapaisa.pk for more details or visit www.webpaisa.pk.
Please Use this thread to ask question about services or provide Feed Back .

For all those who have emailed or asked question about the whole process

pls find below image as reference to explain fees and process


Any more info required please feel free to ask here on forum or drop us email at support(at)webpaisa.pk

Dear Users,

all those who are asking about different foreign e-currency cash-outs to Pkr Rupees .. this is to be noted that most of e-currency withdrawals / conversions take place in offline mode ... as these currencies do not provide direct api 's for withdrawal and conversions.

For more info pls send email to support(at)webpaisa.pk



Just a note of caution. There is a chance of chargeback if you do not deliver the product.

Punk , I did not understand "charge back " concept how ever if it is related to Us, We are ready to go through any verification process this board or any other admin / user are happy to put us through. We are aware trust something that is won over time hence we wait patiently for our reputation and customers trust to be built.

Thanks again for your interest.



p.s when next time you are in Islamabad you are more than welcome to visit our offices and have a cup of tea with us :)

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1.Mobile credit vouchers (ufone,mobilink,warid zong,telenor) Rs 100/250/500
2.Apple Itune Gift cards (for apple games / apps)
3.Google Play Gift cards (for android games / apps)

Instant purchases using webpaisa

Site is blank..

Tragedy of Pakistani online business, they come and go.

That’s why people don’t trust on these sites.

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they tried to make local kind of PayPal but problem is majority of dumb people in Pakistan do not understand these kind of online services plus they are not enough educated to use these services... that's why today you see every online Pakistani store offers cash on delivery to keep business running.....

main problem is our nation lacking far behind of today's technology and latest advancements...

story of jahalat

not long ago i went to the passport office building in Gujrat which is i guess 23 floor and passport office was at 12th floor, when i and bunch of other dudes entered in the lift there was a man sitting on chair along side lift panel buttons he asked us to which floor you want to go on, we said 12th passport office he pressed the 12th button and started to stare at my face because i was smiling on him he asked me the reason for smile then i said is that your job he said yes i said any person could do himself its just one button to press... he said you don't know these people they are sheeps if we left it alone people will be going up and down for fun like they are at some festival and pressing random buttons even it's written here only 6 person but they will enter as many as they could.. thats why I am here, then i said i can't disagree with you

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^^^ That is another story. But the problem with these local businesses that they come in market for quick bucks.

Do you think any business can get position like PayPal in even one year? So how it is possible in months.

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i can't disagree with you either, both sides are greedy and dirty

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This account has been suspended. Way to go our new Pakistani payment processor.

So authentic.

Mcuh Transactions

Amaze. wow.



Any other payment processor in/for Pakistan?

WebPaisa - As (Business, brand and Technology) has been purchased by BTCPk Pakistan. More information is available here on Webpiasa official facebook page.

@djayz sorry for your inconvenience, not being able to browse to the mentioned website, however this is no check for authenticity of business model and its underlying technologies. As an avid technology user you are aware of legal status of electronic / digital and crypto currencies in Pakistan currently and as I update this thread in 2019.

FinTech business growth can be affected by many features including Govt legislature and general financial market response to proposed technology. Markets are expected to be resistant to any new
technology and change while legislature has not been very kind on this sector either, hence results are evident !

We hope to continue building on what our predecessors have left for us. At the end are we not just picking bread crumbs of our choice ?

Thank you for your support and time.

(Inbox on this forum is not monitored- For more information please send your queries to info [at] btcpk.net)


site is not working for me…Thanks