WTT or WTS - A4Tech BT 630 Bluetooth Mouse

Hello Everyone.

I want to exchange my A4tech Bluetooth Mouse with anyone who has a RF Wireless Mouse from either A4tech or any other reputable company. I am trading it since my current laptop does not have built in bluetooth and the the bluetooth dongle that i have does not work with Bluetooth mice. So if anyone has a RF Wireless Mouse but hates the RF wireless dongle using up their USB port all the time (and have bluetooth in their laptop) they can trade it with me. :) I don't want to purchase another bluetooth dongle just for the mouse. Its quite a dilemma, really :). I am also willing to sell it for cash if I am unable get a buyer within 15 days or so. So without further ado, here are the details:

1. Condition

Almost new. Used for a month at the most. There is very very minor scratch on the top left side which is not clear unless you really closely look for it. For detailed specs of the mouse please go to:


Pics are attached below:

2. Warranty

Nope. Doesn't come with one.

3. Works flawlessly with bluetooth module built-in in laptops. Tested with HP DV 6000 and HP 540. I am not sure about bluetooth dongles though as most of the china bluetooth dongles do not support bluetooth HID devices (specially the mini ones).

4. Preferably want to trade it with a wireless mouse with similar price. This model currently sells for Rs. 1300 (as per Galaxy) so products having almost similar prices are required. Example model: A4tech G7-750 Wireless Mouse.

5. The mouse is with me and I live in Clifton. Willing to exchange with or sell it to someone living in Defence / Clifton Area and / or willing to come in Clifton (near Teen Talwar) or Defence (Near Tooba Masjid). Can ship to members outside Karachi. Payment for that mode to be accepted in MCB or SCB internet banking transfer. Buyer pays for the shipping charges and I can ship through OCS or TCS. Payment must be made as soon as a tracking number is provided to the buyer. Otherwise I will give instructions to the courier company to put the shipment on hold.

6. Package includes A4tech Mouse and its pouch with a normal Toshiba AA cell (the pouch is a bit worn out though).

7. You can also post your questions here. Calls preferred (responses to SMS will be delayed).

Admin Members. This is my first BST post, so please inform me in case there are any problems with it or something needs clarification.


Edited: To change the Example Wireless Mouse Model number.

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want to buy this mouse plzz tell me the price

The cash price is Rs. 1,000.

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I bought this mouse a month ago for Rs. 1,050/- from technocity. galaxy prices are little higher side.

Cash price reduced to 900