[WTS] US Robotics Wireless Router with Print Server

Hi all, i am selling a used US Robotics wireless router with print server and modem.

Pls note its ADSL light doesnt turnup anymore, so you will have to use it with another modem, but the WIFI works well as well as the print server.

The router comes with an original antenna, original adapter, ethernet cable, box, plus i am giving away a larger antenna to boost the signals a little.

Im selling it for PKR 1500 FNF. The new one at beliscity.com is for PKR 4982 Link , so with the modem not working i guess the price is reasonable. You can get its modem fixed, as i havent tried it yet.

3 days working warranty.

Location is Karachi only. The areas i can access easily are Bahadurabad/Tariq Road or Gulshan/Federal B Area/N.Nazimabad.

Pls contact me at Zero Triple Three, Three Two Double Zero Eight One Nine. I wont entertain calls without an SMS first.



model number ? does it have lan ports? if yes then how many ?

I'll have to lookup the model number on the box as its not written on the router. It has 4 lan ports. 1 telephone wire port but its light doesnt blink. so im using it with PTCL's shiro modem and its working fine. print server is working fine aswell.


Price reduced to PKR 1500 FNF. Pls note this is also a print server as well as a router.

Bump, price reduced to PKR 1200. Will prefer Karachi buyer.