[WTS] Torrent Upload Credits

This service is for People who want to improve their ratios on Private trackers.

Above is the Image with All Prices.

First come First Serve Basis

What is it ?

If you have a private torrent account like IPtorrents, bitgamer, torrentleech or any other, and you're running low on upload credits, ratio dropped, I can do seeding for you through my semi-dedicated seedbox. I'll download torrents from your account and seed with my seedbox until the required amount is done.

Is it safe/legal?

Yes, it is a perfectly legal way of increasing your ratio, no cheating and no risk to your account what so ever.

How will you do it?

Basically you'll have to give me your account ID and pass so I can monitor the upload/download. I'll download the torrents as required and keep monitoring them till the requested amount is uploaded.

How to pay?

Money Transferred to either Bank Account(Standard Chartered Bank) or Paypal or Alertpay.

How long will it take?

50 GB = approx 48 hours

100 GB = approx 72 hours

less then 500 GB = approx 4-5 days

less then 750 GB = approx 5-6 days

less then 1 TB = one week


Iptorrents: 50GB - 75/- Rs

Bitgamer: 50GB - 100/- Rs

Torrentleech: 50GB - 200/- Rs

SceneAccess: 50GB - 75/- Rs

Bit-HDTV: 50GB - 100/- Rs

Custom/variable Data : Contact me via PM

Little Guideline:

- Got any query or problem? Contact me via PM.

- Do not disclose your torrent accounts info here, torrent sites don't like it.


Currently Serving Members:

  1. Shoxee

You from pakgamers?

Yep :)

how would you like to get paid?

do you accept mobile credits?

[quote=“armada, post:4, topic:15381”]

how would you like to get paid?

do you accept mobile credits?


Updated first post and Bank transfer along with paypal/alertpay will work.

I will also be updating my first post regarding The current list of users i will be doing the service for.

Guys, be careful, he might not be the guy from PG...

This post is in collaboration with w00ts thread on pakGamers. Therefore this thread and the thread over there are the same .

Do you mind telling us which seed box service are you using?

Sorry I cannot disclose that without teams consent

Oh so you have a team now :lol:

LOL .... I just asked the name of your seedbox host. like xirvik, kimsufi, ferrel hostings, whatbox etc. I wasn't asking from you to show me your WEB-UI details.

Something definitely fishy here. guys be vigilant.

Why does the name even matter here . Anyways I can give out two demo for uploading 1 GB . Whoever replies first after this gets the demo . The only condition is . You have to write a review of how the service was .

Perhaps no need for a review if you just tell the name :rolleyes:

and it does matter as I am able to do charged or no charged uploading without a seed box.

Since faisal doesnt want a demo - 2 DEMOS are still available .

Hello people, its w00t aka wheels2go aka WH33LS from PG.

Just posting here so that people don't confuse the service. This is exactly the same service I'm offering on PG. Only difference is that here on WiredPakistan a friend of mine will be managing the service, on the backend its all me.

As far as servers are concerned, I use one kimsufi 2g server, one gigabit shared seedbox from gamestuff and one gigabit shared seedbox from boxslots.

If you have any questions, send cooldude911 a pm, he will try his best to answer them.


Thanks wheels for posting here . I hope it clears out any doubts people have in their mind.

[quote=“cooldude911, post:16, topic:15381”]

Thanks wheels for posting here . I hope it clears out any doubts people have in their mind.


Yea… you didn’t know that yourself so thanks wheeli for clearing cooldude991 :D

Faisal, don't crap the thread. Your query has been answered so move on.

Hunh... <_< thread got stopped when I stopped.

anyways moving on.

So do you guys have any other arrangements besides this.... like sharing on of your seedboxes for specific period or time?

Storage Space (per user)

220 GB

Connection Speed (shared with 4 users)

100 Mbps (12.5MB/sec)

Users Per Server


Ram Allocation (per user)

512 MB



Monthly External Bandwidth (per user)


Price (per user)

1050/- PKR