WTS: PSP Fat with 5UMDs 2memory cards n alot of Gamz n Aiwa Earfune

As title says

PSP Fat for sale

I bought it 4 years back, n from the first day Screen protector was on it so its literally scratch less from LCD, n it always been used in Plastic Rubber casing of Logitech or in Hand Grip so its condition is awesome not only externally but internally, its never gave me a single problem so its never opened or never repaired. Only its battery was died so I bought a third party Branded battery (brand was like Blue Buffalo or something like that) so it's still giving standard time.

Its WIF is working (unlike most used PSP)

ITS UMD drive also working great

Only thing is that battery cover is missing, I will search for it if I found it then will give it other wise not a problem.

Price = 12500 for PSP only (I will give all things free with PSP)

Condition = 9.5

Accessories =

• PSP fat

• Genuine Sony Charger which comes within Box

• Box with Manuals

• 2gb Original Sony memory Card (high data transfer rate)

• 4gb Original Sony memory Card (high data transfer rate)

• 3 UMD within plastic case (The Hills Movie, Demo Disc, Germany Olympics Game)

• 2 UMD Gamz without Cover Need for speed Carbon and Crazy Taxi (u can easily put these discs in case of others UMD, I used to do it)

• Original Logitech plastic Rubber Pouch

• Original Sony Fabric Pouch

• 2 Hanging Fabric Strips

• Original AIWA Earphone (good Sound quality, better than original sony earphones which came with PSP)

• PSP Hand Grip (awesome and a must have accessory, if i play a game more than half hour thru analog stick then my thumb severely pains, so I got this accessory n never had a thumb pain again)

• A lot of gamz in Memory card and in DVD ISO format, see pictures


th.fd41e029eb.jpg th.ed9df16335.jpg th.6aadcef3ea.jpgth.6aadcef3ea.jpg th.61098a8dec.jpg th.998740af77.jpg th.fca92dbac9.jpg th.76b98bb3f4.jpg th.00a5cc5e05.jpg th.a7a14bcc3f.jpg th.6423db9a68.jpg

Reference pix for Hand Grip


Shipment on Buyer's Risk n Expense

For contact u can


Email f a r h a n 1 9 a l i @ g m a i l . c o m (widout spaces)

Or sms @ zero triple three, three one double eight three zero nine(fastest way of reply)