Wts psp 3001 hacked , US version, Lmited rock band edition



im selling my psp.

Psp Details: original firmware is 5.03

custom firmware is (currently) 5.03 gen - B


psp 3001 limited rockband edition

psp 4gb card which came with the psp

psp box with manuals and other documents and promotional things which came with it (i.e the paperwork)


psp hard case

psp remote (havent taken picture of this yet, will take it soon inshAllah, its basecally the round remote with play/pause, next, forward, lock and volume control buttons)

Price: 12500 rs

For an additional 500 RS you can also get

Black Logitech Case for the psp

2 - in - 1 usb cable

Dealing method: hand to hand product/money exchange done in a location in lahore

Location: lahore

Contact method/details: MESSAGE ME ON MY MOBILE, MY NUMBER IS 03454536424

Item conditions: the condition of the psp is like new condition, only contains some, barely visible scratches which came from normal use.

Picture: http://img413.imageshack.us/g/13042010092b.jpg/

YOU MAY ALSO EMAIL ME at the email given below, but messaging on cell number provided above is preffered as i dont always check my mail.

ahmed . a . tamim @ g mail . com (the actual email is without spaces)

dude i will pay for this 7000 ..i m from karachi 03312705454

hello man i am from mirpur a.j.k .i want to know that psp 3000 can run iso.