[WTS] PS3 Modchip (Minimus AVR by Team Xecutor) USA imported, HighQlty

Limited Quantity Left

Quality: Designed by world famous Team Xecutor (Who are well known for this ps2 and xbox 30 accessories, USA manufactured. Very compact design, 3 LED Lights (for showing status of hack RED, GREEN, BLUE lights)

Price: 4150Rs contact on 0313 5084 326 or PM me. (Keep it mind this isn't chinese or home made quality, its professional quality USA imported modchip, to go perfectly with your 30,000rs PS3 and add to the value of your ps3.

Shipping same day TCS shipping sent overnight.

Usage comes pre-installed with PS3 modchip hack, so its plug and play. Make sure your ps3 is on 3.41 or older firmware, it only work on 3.41 firmware.

Specifications 3 LED lights to show status of ps3 hack, Future updateable from PC (so if online play become possible or new features are released for hack, you can update the modchip, this is not a one way ticket :) , Small compact size, see comparison pic below. (Pics below are captured with my Gaming Nick: Rebel640)





guys demand is 4150rs + (200rs TCS all Pakistan)

P.S. Last few units left.