WTS : Portable Power Supply for car 110v/30A/300W

I have an Inverter power supply for sale

Product : Portawattz 300W DC-AC Power Converter

Warranty : None / One time checking

Demand : 4000/-

Contact : 0333-5657220

Location : Islamabad

My cousin Purchased this from Canada sometime back and sparingly used and has been lying around for a long time but it's working perfectly fine


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DC to AC Power Inverters

A popular inverter for low power applications, Portawattz 300 takes 12 volts from a vehicle's battery and converts it to 115-volt AC household power. With output power at 300-watts continuous with a 500-watt surge, Portawattz 300 is ideal for running standard household and electrical appliances such as TVs, VCRs, blenders, desktop computers, fax machines, power tools and more. Compact and easy to use, Portawattz 300 transforms your vehicle into a mobile office to power essential electrical appliances while camping or travelling.

Xantrex's performance guarantee on Portawattz 300 assures that it will power any 27" TV or we will provide you with an upgrade for free.


- 300-watt continuous with 500-watt surge

- Automatic shutdown and protection features

- Regulated output

- Two, three prong grounded AC outlets

- Quiet operation

- 6 month warranty

Inverters: Portawattz 300 Specifications

Model: Portawattz 300

Electrical Specifications Maximum continuous Power 300W

Surge capability 500W

No load current draw <0.18a

Peak efficiency 90%

Output waveform modified sine wave

Output frequency 60Hz +/- 4Hz

Output voltage 115VAC RMS +/- 10%

Input voltage range 10 to 15VDC

Mechanical Specifications Operating temperature range 0C to 40C (derated above 25C)

Weight 1.8 lb 820g

Dimensions 6.3" X 4.7" X 1.9"

L X W X H 160mm X 120mm X 50mm

AC receptacles two 3-prong AC receptacles

Protection Features

Over temperature yes, shutdown

Input Protection

· Battery reverse polarity fuse protected

· Over voltage 15VDC

· Low voltage alarm 10.7VDC

· Low voltage cut-out 10VDC

Output Protection

· Overload shutdown yes

Note: Specifications are based on a 12-volt DC nominal input


Useful for LCD/Laptop and other low power electronic components in car