WTS:Panasonic Headphones & Panasonic IPOD/MP3 earphones

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Read the B/S/T rules and follow them.


I edited the post with all the things necessary but having 50 posts or above ? man thats just not right :(

You still haven't posted a pic with your handwritten WP id, date and 'WiredPakistan'. This needs to be done with both products according to the B/S/T Rules clause 1.

The following info is not there per clause 2:

* - Warranty: Warranty left, if any.

* - Shipping options: What shipping services are available and who will pay the shipping charges?

The B/S/T forum is for regularly contributing members only. With too few posts, there is a high likelihood, that the person will just hit and run. We certainly don't want that and this condition has been implemented on the request of other members.

You may participate in various discussions and contribute with quality posts (not spam!) to the discussions. It doesn't takes much time to accrue 50 posts. After that, you can post as many threads as you want in this forum. :)

Uploaded new pix and information as asked. Will try to take up my post numbers too.