WTS: Nokia's Genuine/Original Mobile Batteries


After selling a lot of laptops here and got positive reply from my valuable customers. Today I am going to introduce you mobiles genuine batteries, which my dad sent me from Japan.

As I am putting my hands on mobile's batteries first time, I just ordered my dad to bring a few genuine batteries of Nokia N82, as I am the owner of this mobile I could better check battery's performance myself, It is 100% original battery It is giving me the original battery timing with no memory loss.

For this introduction, I am selling brand new BP-6MT as you can see from the attached picture, it is fully compatible with Nokia's following mobile sets.

• Nokia N82

• Nokia N81

• Nokia N81 (8GB)

• Nokia E51

• Nokia 6720 Classic

The same battery is being sold at Nokia Care Center for about Rs.4,000/- I also asked the price from United Mobiles, They are selling the same battery for Rs.2,000/-. I assure you the battery is same as I am selling, That's why I will offer you 2 Days warranty.

My Demand : Rs.700/- Each.

(I am taking a very small portion of profit from it, So kindly do not try to negotiate the price, It is NON-NEGOTIABLE)

Note: If you want to buy other than this battery you may also contact me, I will arrange it for you and that will be genuine too.

One more thing I want to clear, these batteries are not HIGH-COPY or FIRST-COPY which are selling at mobile shops, It has original 3D Hologram, compare it from the attached pictures.

Contact : 0336-2547633

Here is the price list of other batteries.

BP-6MT (Compatible with following sets) [1050 mAh]

Nokia 6720 classic

Nokia E51

Nokia N81

Nokia N81 8GB

Nokia N82

Price : Rs.700/-

BL-5F (Compatible with following sets) [950 mAh]

Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia 6290

Nokia 6710 Navigator

Nokia E65

Nokia N93i

Nokia N95

Nokia N96

Price : Rs.650/-

BL-6F (Compatible with following sets) [1200 mAh]

Nokia N78

Nokia N79

Nokia N95 8GB

Price : Rs.700/-

BP-4L (Compatible with following sets) [1500 mAh]

Nokia 6760 slide

Nokia E52

Nokia E55

Nokia E61i

Nokia E63

Nokia E71

Nokia E72

Nokia E90 Communicator

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition

Nokia N97

Price : Rs.950/-

BL-5C (Compatible with following sets) [1020 mAh]

Nokia 1100

Nokia 1101

Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110i

Nokia 1112

Nokia 1200

Nokia 1208

Nokia 1209

Nokia 1280

Nokia 1600

Nokia 1616

Nokia 1650

Nokia 1680 classic

Nokia 1800

Nokia 2300

Nokia 2310

Nokia 2323 classic

Nokia 2330 classic

Nokia 2600

Nokia 2610

Nokia 2626

Nokia 2700 classic

Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition

Nokia 2730 classic

Nokia 3100

Nokia 3109 classic

Nokia 3110 classic

Nokia 3110 Evolve

Nokia 3120

Nokia 3610 fold

Nokia 3650

Nokia 3660

Nokia 5030

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Nokia 6030

Nokia 6085

Nokia 6086

Nokia 6230

Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6267

Nokia 6270

Nokia 6555

Nokia 6600

Nokia 6630

Nokia 6670

Nokia 6680

Nokia 6681

Nokia 6820

Nokia 6822

Nokia 7610

Nokia E50

Nokia E60

Nokia N70

Nokia N70 Music Edition

Nokia N71

Nokia N72

Nokia N91

Nokia N91 8GB

Nokia N-Gage

Price : Rs.450/-

BL-5J (Compatible with following sets) [1320 mAh]

Nokia 5230

Nokia 5235 Comes With Music

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia C3-00

Nokia N900

Nokia X6 16GB

Nokia X6 32GB

Price : Rs.700/-

BP-6M (Compatible with following sets) [1100 mAh]

Nokia 3250 XpressMusic

Nokia 6151

Nokia 6233

Nokia 6234

Nokia 6280

Nokia 6288

Nokia 9300

Nokia 9300i

Nokia N73

Nokia N73 Music Edition

Nokia N77

Nokia N93

Price : Rs.600/-

BP-4CT (Compatible with following sets) [860 mAh]

Nokia 2720 fold

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

Nokia 5630 XpressMusic

Nokia 6600 fold

Nokia 6700 slide

Nokia 7210 Supernova

Nokia 7230

Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia X3

Price : Rs.550/-

BL-6F (Compatible with following sets) [1200 mAh]

Nokia N78

Nokia N79

Nokia N95 8GB

Price : Rs.750/-

Samsung Standard Battery AB463446BU (Compatible with following sets) [800 mAh]

Samsung B130

Samsung B220

Samsung B300

Samsung B320

Samsung B500

Samsung B520

Samsung C120

Samsung C130

Samsung C140

Samsung C250

Samsung C260

Samsung C270

Samsung C300

Samsung C450

Samsung C520

Samsung D520

Samsung D730

Samsung E210

Samsung E250

Samsung E251

Samsung E380

Samsung E420

Samsung E500

Samsung E870

Samsung E900

Samsung E1070

Samsung E1080

Samsung E1110

Samsung E1120

Samsung E1310

Samsung E1360

Samsung E2100

Samsung E2210

Samsung i320

Samsung M150

Samsung M200

Samsung M310

Samsung M620

Samsung M3200 Beat S

Samsung S401

Samsung S501

Samsung S3030

Samsung S3110

Samsung X150

Samsung X160

Samsung X180

Samsung X200

Samsung X210

Samsung X300

Samsung X500

Samsung X510

Samsung X520

Samsung X530

Samsung X540

Samsung X630

Samsung X680.

Price : Rs.430/-

BL-5X (Compatible with following sets) [600 mAh]

Nokia 8800

Price : Rs.490/-

BL-4C (Compatible with following sets) [860 mAh]

Nokia 1202

Nokia 1203

Nokia 1661

Nokia 1662

Nokia 2220 slide

Nokia 2650

Nokia 2652

Nokia 2690

Nokia 3500 classic

Nokia 5100

Nokia 6100

Nokia 6101

Nokia 6103

Nokia 6125

Nokia 6131

Nokia 6136

Nokia 6170

Nokia 6260

Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300i

Nokia 6301

Nokia 7270

Nokia X2-00

Price : Rs.500/-

BR-50 (Compatible with following sets)






MOTORAZR V3i Deep Violet








Price : Rs.500/-

WIZA16 (Compatible with following sets) [1250 mAh]

Cingular 8100

Cingular 8120

Cingular 8125

Cingular 8150

Cingular HTC

T-Mobile MDA

T-Mobile MDA IV

T-Mobile MDA Vario

O2 XDA Mini S

O2 Mini Pro

Qtek 9100

Dopod 838

i-Mate K-Jam

Orange SPV M3000

Orange V3000.

E-Plus Pocket PDA

Vodafone VPA Compact II

Dopod 838

Wizard 100

Wizard 200

HTC Wizard

Price : Rs.650/-

BLD-3 (Compatible with following sets) [780 mAh]

Nokia 2100

Nokia 3300

Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610i

Price : Rs.480/-

BST-33 (Compatible with following sets) [900 mAh]

Sony Ericsson Aino™

Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702a

Sony Ericsson C702c

Sony Ericsson C901a GreenHeart™

Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart™

Sony Ericsson C903

Sony Ericsson C903a

Sony Ericsson G502

Sony Ericsson G502c

Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson G700 Business Edition

Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705u

Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900c

Sony Ericsson K330a

Sony Ericsson K530i

Sony Ericsson K550c

Sony Ericsson K550im

Sony Ericsson K630i

Sony Ericsson K790a

Sony Ericsson K790c

Sony Ericsson K790i

Sony Ericsson K800i

Sony Ericsson K810i

Sony Ericsson K818c

Sony Ericsson M600i

Sony Ericsson Naite™

Sony Ericsson P990i

Sony Ericsson Satio™

Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson TM506

Sony Ericsson V800

Sony Ericsson Vodafone 802SE

Sony Ericsson W205

Sony Ericsson W205a

Sony Ericsson W300c

Sony Ericsson W300i

Sony Ericsson W302

Sony Ericsson W302c

Sony Ericsson W395

Sony Ericsson W395c

Sony Ericsson W580c

Sony Ericsson W580im

Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595a

Sony Ericsson W595c

Sony Ericsson W595s

Sony Ericsson W610c

Sony Ericsson W610i

Sony Ericsson W660i

Sony Ericsson W705

Sony Ericsson W705a

Sony Ericsson W705u

Sony Ericsson W715

Sony Ericsson W830c

Sony Ericsson W830i

Sony Ericsson W850i

Sony Ericsson W880i

Sony Ericsson W888c

Sony Ericsson W900c

Sony Ericsson W900i

Sony Ericsson W950i

Sony Ericsson W958c

Sony Ericsson W960i

Sony Ericsson Z250a

Sony Ericsson Z250i

Sony Ericsson Z258c

Sony Ericsson Z320a

Sony Ericsson Z320c

Sony Ericsson Z320i

Sony Ericsson Z530c

Sony Ericsson Z530i

Sony Ericsson Z610i

Sony Ericsson Z750a

Sony Ericsson Z750i

Price : Rs.570/-

BST-36 (Compatible with following sets) [750 mAh]

Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson W200

Sony Ericsson W200C

Sony Ericsson Z550

Sony Ericsson Z550C

Sony Ericsson Z550i

Sony Ericsson Z558

Sony Ericsson Z558C

Sony Ericsson Z558i

Sony Ericsson K510

Sony Ericsson K510C

Sony Ericsson K510i

Sony Ericsson K310

Sony Ericsson K310C

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson J300

Sony Ericsson J300C

Sony Ericsson Z310

Sony Ericsson Z310c

Price : Rs.520/-

BST-39 (Compatible with following sets) [920 mAh]

Sony Ericsson T707

Sony Ericsson T707a

Sony Ericsson W508

Sony Ericsson W508a

Sony Ericsson W518a

Sony Ericsson W908c

Sony Ericsson W910i

Sony Ericsson Z555i

Price : Rs.550/-

BST-37 (Compatible with following sets) [900 mAh]

Sony Ericsson J100a

Sony Ericsson J100c

Sony Ericsson J100i

Sony Ericsson J110a

Sony Ericsson J110c

Sony Ericsson J110i

Sony Ericsson J120c

Sony Ericsson J120i

Sony Ericsson J121i

Sony Ericsson J220a

Sony Ericsson J220c

Sony Ericsson J220i

Sony Ericsson J230c

Sony Ericsson J230i

Sony Ericsson K200a

Sony Ericsson K200c

Sony Ericsson K200i

Sony Ericsson K610i

Sony Ericsson K610im

Sony Ericsson K618i

Sony Ericsson K750i

Sony Ericsson K758c

Sony Ericsson V600i

Sony Ericsson V630i

Sony Ericsson W350a

Sony Ericsson W350c

Sony Ericsson W350i

Sony Ericsson W550c

Sony Ericsson W550i

Sony Ericsson W600c

Sony Ericsson W600i

Sony Ericsson W700c

Sony Ericsson W700i

Sony Ericsson W710c

Sony Ericsson W710i

Sony Ericsson W800c

Sony Ericsson W800i

Sony Ericsson Z520a

Sony Ericsson Z520c

Sony Ericsson Z520i

Sony Ericsson Z525a

Sony Ericsson Z525i

Sony Ericsson Z710c

Sony Ericsson Z710i

Price : Rs.540/-

BL-5B (Compatible with following sets) [890 mAh]

Nokia 3220

Nokia 3230

Nokia 5070

Nokia 5140

Nokia 5140i

Nokia 5200

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5500 Sport

Nokia 6020

Nokia 6021

Nokia 6060

Nokia 6070

Nokia 6080

Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6121 classic

Nokia 6124 classic

Nokia 6230

Nokia 7260

Nokia 7360

Nokia N80

Nokia N80 Internet Edition

Nokia N90

Price : Rs.430/-

BP-5M (Compatible with following sets) [900 mAh]

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

Nokia 6110 Navigator

Nokia 6500 slide

Nokia 7390

Nokia 8600 Luna

Price : Rs.750/-

BL-5CA (Compatible with following sets) [700 mAh]

NOKIA 1110

NOKIA 1112

NOKIA 1200

NOKIA 1208

NOKIA 1209

NOKIA 1650

Price : Rs.390/-

BL-4U(Compatible with following sets) [1000 mAh]

Nokia 3120 Classic

Nokia 5250

Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

Nokia 6600i slide

Nokia 6600 slide

Nokia 8800 Arte

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia 8800 Gold Arte

Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte

Nokia C5-03

Nokia E66

Nokia E75

Price : Rs.720/-

LGIP-411A(Compatible with following sets) [750 mAh]

LG CG180

LG KG160

LG KG270

LG KG275

Price : Rs.370/-



I need E52 Battery.... it there any discount if i buy 2 or more batteries ? and whats your location ?



Rates are full n final, there is no chance of negotation.

I am living in Karachi.

@ Zahirabs . . can u get me a BP-6M GENUINE . . i have bought 3 batteries 1 first copy 1 second copy for 450 and 350 both piece of #$%# then i bought the 120 rs cheapest one and is working fine( lasts 3 4 hours after full charge) :)

the original one should last atleast 24 hours (with min of 100 sms sent and received and 1 hour talk time )

i ll pay u the exact money plus the shipping .

Do you have BL-6F ?

How much used are these batteries ? (Considering they are really genuine or are they genuine and brand new) ?

Where you live in Karachi and how transaction is possible ?

2 days is a little less time to check the complete charge cycle and usage of battery in various situation (with ot without GPRS/GPS/Email Checking). Do you think you can offer a bit more time for detailed checking.


i want an BL 5C battery, how to contact you ?


I have BP-6M battery in 1100 mAh capacity, which I am selling for Rs. 600/-

It will give you exact original battery backup.


Currenty I don't have BL-6F, But I will arrange it for you.

These batteries are 100% original, will give you exact original battery timing.

I live in Kharadar area, and work at Defence More.

for collecing the battery you have to come one of the above mentioned locations.



Yes, I have BL-5C battery in 1020 mAh capacity.

It will cost you Rs.450/-

You may contact me by SMS.



i live in lahore what about shipment... & how to pay you the cost..??

i had to buy BL-5c & BL-5F :P


I can ship you these batteries through TCS service to your city Lahore, but you shall add Rs.100/- shipment charges.

You may send the payment either by Pakistan Postal Service's Moneyorder or Telenor's Easypaisa. It's upto you which mode you feel more suitable.

You can make a regular moneyorder for low as Rs.50/- per transaction.


[quote=", post:, topic:"]


Rates are full n final, there is no chance of negotation.

I am living in Karachi.


Hmm… I have sent u a sms, hopefully get reply from you soon… to get E-52 battery… :)



Yes, I received your SMS and replied accordingly.


[quote=", post:, topic:"]


Yes, I received your SMS and replied accordingly.



Thanks, i got it :)


I bought BP-4L battery from him and i used it heavily. It came to last two indicators in around 9 hours and in morning around 11 pm it reached to last indicator. So i successfully discharged whole battery by consuming it as much as I can. Today m recharging this battery and will use it as my normal routine(i.e. around15 hrs i keep my cell on vibrator) and then tell you know you guys how it works....


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

I bought BP-4L battery from him and i used it heavily. It came to last two indicators in around 9 hours and in morning around 11 pm it reached to last indicator. So i successfully discharged whole battery by consuming it as much as I can. Today m recharging this battery and will use it as my normal routine(i.e. around15 hrs i keep my cell on vibrator) and then tell you know you guys how it works…



Just for the information, every rechargeable battery must be charge and discharge three time at least, then it will give its maximum.


hey i need one BL-5J. am in rawalpindi. wats the easiest payment method?

@Masters :

Thanks for your great feedback.

can you get me Sony-ericsson K600i's battery and Samsung U600 battery....i'm from lahore.!