WTS: Nokia E-75 (in warranty + all accessories)

I want to sale my / Nokia E-75

Package Includes : Nokia E-75, and all Original accessories (Box, Pouch, Hands Free, Data Cable, 4 Gb nokia memory card, Charger, Booklets)

Condition: 9/10 from back side, 8/10 from front a little scratch on front, no fault in handset,

Warranty left : 1.5 Months (Advance telecom )

Price : 16000 (a bit negotiable)

Location : Lahore, can ship to other cities via TCS.

Payment method : Cash / Bank transfer

Shipping: If you are in lahore you can come to my place and take the handset, for other cities Payment method can be Western Union/ Bank transfer,

i will ship it to other cities via TCS.

Contact Method : email me via this forum, with your number and offer.

A closer look to only scratch near front cam, got it from key http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/9264/photo0605.jpg

13k. . . . :)

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13k. . . . :)


but if you are serious in buying you can email me your best offer, i will cut price to my best…

price reduced... waiting for offers...

post your FnF offer because a cousin of mine's interested and wants to know what is your final offer beyond which you wouldn't sell the phone.

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post your FnF offer because a cousin of mine’s interested and wants to know what is your final offer beyond which you wouldn’t sell the phone.

I have sent you an email, check your inbox.

want to know FNF....can u kindly drop me an email?

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want to know FNF…can u kindly drop me an email?

sent, again if you are seriously interested i am waiting for your reply…

Wanna trade with Blackberry 8900 complete stuff and BOX!!! fully unlocked!!

Okay. I'm interested. But before I buy it, i want to ask:

a) Battery life: How much does it give it to YOU?

B) Gimme your contact no. and/or address so that i can send a guy to check the phone.

c) any any ANY tinyyy fault in the phone? Lets say you had to have the charger pin changed or something? ANYTHING? In short, has the phone EVER been opened?

d) Why are you selling it?

^sorry for late response, battery lasts for about 2 days for me, set has no fault and not opened, i am selling it because i am not supposed to keep one handset for my whole life, sooner or later you sale your handset, so i am...

you can email me in detail ur details and offer.


hand to hand trade is possible, if you are in Lahore.

but let me know ur final price first my couzin will pick it up from you!!