[WTS]Nintendo handhelds

Hello everyone, I would like to sell a few of my nintendo handhelds

theres my Gameboy Micro and Gameboy advance Sp along with there adapters and Carrying cases

Here are the Prices below

Gameboy Micro: Rs.3000

Gameboy Advance SP: Rs.2500

that is ofcourse along with the chargers and carrying cases. the micro is pretty new while the advance version is quite old

see the pics for ur self

the gameboy cartridges however will be given to anyone for free who buys both handhelds otherwise one

could only choose seven if he buys one handheld(i warn u that these games might neeed some blowing,pushing

or even smacking before they work but all of them do work.)

The Nintendo DS cartridge however is An original one, i have nearly 18 legit shinies in the game, it has been completed

and have a legitimate mew,darkrai,lugia,ho-oh,mewtwo and a shiny pikachu,and my most dear one,my shiny dragonite

so ill be charging 2700rs.u can bid on it

All prices are negotiable

Hi Mazty I only need the Gameboy micro charger ??? Can we negotiate on that