WTS:Nintendo DS LITE with EZFlash Cartridgen 2GB Micro SD

Nintendo DS Lite Black Color for sale in very excellent condition used for a very short time, it has EZFlash Cart in which u can put any Micro SD Card n can copy n Run All DS Gamz , movies, songs, Pictures n many more types of files.

Price = 6400 (Fixd)

Condition = 9.9 / 10

Contents = DS LIte, Original Stylus, Charger, EZFlash Cartridge, 2GB Mciro SD San Disk Memory Card, plus a DVD of DS Games

For pix








For offers n contact u can


Email (farhan19ali@gmail.com)

Or sms (zero triple three, three one double eight three zero nine)

for quik replies try sms

Now its Up again for Sale

now its Wid Charger n 2GB San Disk Micro SD

and Now there is no 1 day Restriction of Sale

what about exchange with Cell phone or just selling??

Price reduced Again

Price reduced Again

price reduced 1nce again

wanna sell for 6000.........

price reduce again... Lol

Strange I contacted on that email and did not get a reply.

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Strange I contacted on that email and did not get a reply.

Bkoz it has been sold long time ago , and i didnt got any email.

i forgot to request the mods to close the thread, Now Mods can close the thread