WTS : Macbook for sale

Item: Mac Book

Package includes: Macbook Laptop, Charger & its Remote & Targus carying bag


Centrino Duo (Core2Duo 2.16 Ghz)

2GB DDR2 Ram

320 GB hard disk [ Upgraded 3-4 months back so still in warranty ]

WLan. Camera, Bluetooth etc etc (google for rest of the specs)

Price: 45,000

Warranty: Checking - except the hard drive

Dealing method: Cash / Online Transfer

Location: Islamabad / Peshawar

Contact method/details: 0300-5077266

Item(s) conditions: LCD is scratchless, other minor wear and tear from normal. Average condition. Superdrive gives error some time [ Some OS conflict - Probably some Geek can fix it - I could not ]

Battery Backup: 3 + Hours

can u post some pics.......?


You can check above link for pictures. Just to get the idea how is it.

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