WTS : Loose Artic Silver 5

Orignal Packing Artic silver 5 at 850 Rps.

Loose Thermal Paste at 525 Rps

Contact : 0323-2653947

Location : Karachi

All sold - Thread Closed.

Please close the thread.

what do u think u r smart or something ,

all sold or u r caught cheating

he is a cheat

original arctic silver5 is in that pic



this is the pic of arctic silver 5 he posted



is that arctic silver 5


he was selling intel tc-1996 thermal paste by saying that its arctic silver ,


this costs around max 100 rs .

making people fool ,

dont buy he is a thug

bann him

Moderators kindly deal with this guy as he is trying to create an issue .

what issue

respected moderators u have to be fair

that guy is fraud seller

u must act

bann him

jshak jus because u have more posts under yur belt , doenst give u right to cheat ,

stop making people fool

it puts a bad mark on the web too.,

you are missguiding people ok , all i wanted to do was to lead people to the truth

defend yur self

babys gna cryyy