WTS - iPhone 4 - 32GB

Asalamu alaykum

Coming soon on 4th July - iPhone 4 - 32GB

Be the 1st one to grab it for rs. 81,000/=

Color: Black and white

Location: Karachi

Contact: 0300-8225755


Address : Electro Gadget, Shop # 2, Plot 18C, Lane 4, Main Zamzama, DHA, Karachi

I have been noticing your posting behavior. First of all you have absolutely nothing to contribute and you are here just to sell products. Second of all, you advertise products which are already on your website AND the website is for a physical shop in Karachi.

We don't allow such activity. You can advertise your product, website or service in ONE thread only. Read the rules: http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/misc.php?action=rules

So here are your options:

1. Create one thread advertising electrogadget.net. Any individual products you wish to advertise will be posted in that thread only.

2. You get banned for spamming.

Take your pick. If you continue your current posting habits I will ban you without further warning.