WTS: Iphone 4 16GB Black

Item: Iphone 4 16GB Black

Package includes: Iphone 4 16GB Black, Wall Charger and Data Cable.

Orginal Demand: SOLD !

Dealing method: Cash, Easy Paisa or Bank Transfer. Can Ship nationwide on buyers risk and expense. In case of hand to hand deal, buyer will have to come to a location of my choice.

Location: D.H.A, Karachi

Contact method/details:

Item Condition and Details: Front 10/10 - Back 9/10. The Iphone has been used for about a couple of months in the UK. Version: 4.3.3, Modem Firmware: 04.10.01. It is Jailbroken and can be unlocked via Gevey Sim.

Original Pictures:

Price reduced to Rs.41999

Im looking to sell within a week at most. If you are a serious buyer then contact me. Also please note i am selling two Iphone 4's hence the two separate threads ive made.

still available !

anybody interested ?

still up for sale !

price is slightly negotiable !!!

wanna swap with 1 SE k750 and 1 Nokia E71 (genuine made in Korea set bought from riyadh?)

ur price will fall further in ramadam when iphone 5 is launched and a cheaper iphone is introduced, so grab this offer ASAP!

Price Reduced to Rs.37999 for one week !

hey wht abt 30k fix n final

[quote=“saadmalik, post:9, topic:14968”]

hey wht abt 30k fix n final


Not interested. Increase your budget, then we can talk.

still available !

and i am still with same offer.


still up for sale !

first post edited with new pictures.

My offer is 33K. Things are only worth what others are willing to pay for them.

SOLD @ 38k !

lock the thread please.