WTS - Huawei IDEOS - Zong

Zong IDEOS for sale 8.5/10 condition

with 2 GB memory card - Sandisk original (that didnt come in box)

pictures attached

for any questions contact me at 03132544636

Serious buyer only - No foolish offers please

The phones works very well and I have been using it for 6 months

I have all the accessories and the box as well

Want to sell since planning to upgrade to a Windows Phone

The buyer can meet my at either my office near PIDC or at my home in Clifton

Mode of transaction would be Cash

It had 6 months warranty from Zong which has expired but the phone is working very well

Has a very minor scratch on screen which is not visible unless you really look closely

The back has some minor scratches - but the back cover can be replaced

The set is locked to Zong

Offer price is Rs. 9,000



Admins. Please close this thread. I have unlocked the device and now intend to use it as my main phone. Thanks.

Can you post full tutorial how you unlocked this might be helpful for other people :rolleyes:

you can root it using superoneclick which should allow you to unlock it

[quote=“archim3des, post:6, topic:15507”]

you can root it using superoneclick which should allow you to unlock it


Rooting the Android phone just creates Super User and nothing else. How does it unlock the phone ?

not sure but I'll get back to you on that, I'm assuming it allows you to install an app that unlocks the phone

Nope. Ijaz is right. As far as i know you can't unlock the phone that way. I got unlocked from a shop by paying 1,200.

Rooting the phone wont unlock it. As far as I know DC-Unlocker is used to unlock this device but I think you have to buy credits from them.