WTS: HTC pda/phone


I have a HTC ppc/cell phone that iam selling.

good condition, original box with all original accessories.

It belonged to my bro. hes moved on to iphone 3G, hence selling this one.

I also have a BRAND NEW BATTERY along with the one present in the phone.

any quiries feel free to ask.

these are the specs:

Display: 2.8" transflective QVGA display capable of displaying 65K colors.

Supports both portrait and landscape modes.

ATI Imageon 2282 graphics processor.

Phone: GSM quad band world phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands) with GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA for data.

Data bands: 850/1900/2100MHz.

Camera: 2.0 MP camera with LED flash.

Can take still JPG photos and videos with audio (MPEG4).

Networking: Integrated WiFi 802.11b/ g and Bluetooth 2.0.

Software: Windows Mobile 6.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system

Expansion: 1 MicroSD slot, IR, mini USB sync port.

In the Box: Phone, stylus, world charger (110-240v), USB sync cable, stereo earbud headset with in-line mic, software CD with ActiveSync and Outlook 2002, getting started guide (Cingular) and thick printed manual.

asking price:19K





model no HTC 8525.

youtube video of some dude using his.


pls. ignore the heading, this is not better than iphone.

its different.


where in karachi can i see the phone...

whats your contact number

price has been revised from form 22K to 19K (fixed).

this is coz iam not a good bargainer.

Dude... i wanna see the phone physically... check for flaws and problems and then buy it.

I'm in karachi and want your number so i can take this forward


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Dude… i wanna see the phone physically… check for flaws and problems and then buy it.

I’m in karachi and want your number so i can take this forward



ive emailed u my no. pls. call me.

thank you.

looking forward to showing u the phone.

pls. mention ur id “amarack” when u call or sms.

lawlx @ price

this phone is HTC Hermes, which is usually known as Imate JASJAM, second hand price from shop 12.5k, for gud condition set

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lawlx @ price

this phone is HTC Hermes, which is usually known as Imate JASJAM, second hand price from shop 12.5k, for gud condition set


then u should buy it from there if ur getting that price,

and let me know how long the battery last before it dies on u :)

if uve used a pda with alot of wifi usage, ud know what i mean.

with the access. plus brand new batt. and condition iam selling, the price stays.

also this was purchased from cingular in U.S. now unlocked,

not from some unreliable store in electronic market.

Email me your number too. I'd like to see the set first...

Also, are you sure about the OS? I guess 8525 has WM5, not WM6...

it has wm5, but its orignal updated firmware is available on internet...and that is wm6

and dont go on the OS, cuz even on as old mobiles as HTC Blue Angel, you can install custom WM6.1, and believe me they are better than the original roms...

HTC are very prompt about their OS release.

Yes 8525 was released with WM5 (if u lk closely u can see that in one of the pics ive put up, the one showing the cover of the box).

but a WM6 and WM6.1 version for 8525 are available.

ive updated the ROM and am using WM6 Professional and it works like a charm :)

8525 has 400MHZ thats why upgraded rom work just fine.

no lag or hang whatsoever which is very prominent with pda with 200mhz or less.

errrrrrrr, your number???

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errrrrrrr, your number???

iam sorry but this phone was SOLD today.

moderator can close this if they want.


you can urself delete dis topic

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you can urself delete dis topic

no don’t delete!

let the mods close it

btw there is a diff between closing and deleting

i know the difference thats why i was telling him to delete it as there is no use for this topic now as the phone has been sold

both of u guyz r right, but i guess the moderator will decide :)

how much did you finally receive for it? I saw a colleague playing with i-mate JASJAR today. Upon asking he told he bought it for 10,000 from Electronics Market. I'm thinking of taking a trip there. Does anyone know if shops open late night nowadays in Electronics market?

i sold it for 15k without the new batt.

diff. ppl. prefer diff. companys but on average id suggest that u stick with HTC.

electronic market isnt the best place to buy a pda from but u will definitly get a good price.

also battery life is very imp, in pda specially if ur into using bluetooth and wifi, so do ask about battery life.

also make sure ur buying a pda with atleast 300MHZ processor, 400MHZ will be even better, i wouldnt recommend less than 300.

memory isnt very imp. coz most apps that u install should be on memory card and internal memory usually used for running apps.

anything else u wanna know, feel free to ask.

best of luck.