[WTS] Hotfile Premium Account For Sale

Hotfile account for sale.

Premium until 2011-10-07 07:55:20 CDT

Price : reduced to 2000

Interested people contact @ 0333 two double one six one five four

Reason for sale : not downloading stuff that much + need money

Best Features : Can be used by 2-3 people at the same time so a group of people can share this account. As for downloading, i get 550+ KB/s usually on my 4MB PTCL.

For mods: what kinda snaps should i upload for this ??


550KB/s on 4Mbps? :o you must be joking, i am on 4M profile and with my premium account i get normally 460-480 MAX!


yuronline doesn't give a rat's arse how much speed you get on ur connection.... So how about buying the account MCZ? :P:D

@mzc : Dunno why i get such speed. May be cause my home is very near to the exchange :P

anyway price reduced. Come on yaar i need some money