WTS EVGA 8800GS X2 (2 of em) + 460W CM PSU

I'm selling three perfectly working pieces of hardware, 2 of them are the same type of product, EVGA's 8800 GS. This was EVGA's take on the 8800, and they released it with 384MB, but despite how meagre the amount of memory sounds, this card is amazing. I was playing crysis on an AMD3000+ with just 1.7 GB ram and it was playing it at medium graphics (i repeat, medium, not low!). obviously it would have done better if i had a slightly less than five year old processor and it did when i upgraded to a AMD X3 Phenom II 720, and i could play crysis on high (res 1280X1024). and when i sli'd these two, obviously, and these cards have been great buys (was playing - and enjoying - metro 2033). they were so popular evga had to prematurely discontinue em because they were competing with cards in the higher brackets than the ones the folks at EVGA intended them to. khair, enough of my talking, here is a review from techpowerup


so ive got two of em. perfectly working condition, no history of any faults ever. no snow on the screen situation, no nothing. and im selling them both, without their original boxes, but obviously with both dvi connectors and the six pin power wires.

then i've got a perfectly working PSU CM 460W. i've read here and there on this site ppl posting not to buy used PSU's, i agree with that to the extent that it means shrugging off ppl who are selling faulty products etc. i've had no problem with the psu, its in perfect conditions no hiccups whatsoever, i've got the original box and whatnot with me as well.

as it stands, im selling both the VGA's for Rs.8500, if anyone wants to buy the PSU as well i'll throw it in for another 2.

I'll post the pictures up soon. Buyers can contact me at 0300-4007732, and the location is Lahore. Trading in Islamabad is do-able, Karachi might be less certain.


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